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I see your true colors...

Hello Darlings!  So, here is a new shape that I had been working on for a bit, and with LAQ's new system for heads I thought I'd go ahead and release it. I like LAQ heads due to the fact that you can wear your system eyes, so I can use any of my mesh eyes and don't have to rely on apliers. LAQ has now made the Bento Head HUDS a one time universal purchase that can be used for any of the mes heads, so the price for the head's themselves has gone down, and you only have purchase the HUD once.  I hope you enjoy this shape! xoxo
 shape - .lovelysweet. Olivia shape for LAQ Scarlet Bento head
hair - NANI 
top - ArisAris  Nicety Top
shorts - Blueberry 
tattoo - Inker
skin appliers - 7 Deadly Skins
eyes - IKON

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