Thursday, March 14, 2019

Stranger Tees

Stranger Tee, sold individually for 50L , 9 different textures in all (see image of HUD above) or sold in a fatpack with HUD, for 350L for the fatpack. I am so obssessed with this show! Love all things Stranger Things. I also made a cut tat and a nosebleed, for when you know..strange stuff happens. 
Tat and nosebleed are almost a freebie at just 10L for both. You can find everything on my MP store. 
Oh, an also, the eyes used in these images were my Cafe eyes, which are perfect Eleven eyes if I do say so myelf.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Fashion Room

Hello lovelies! I am excited to announce that I am taking part in an shopping event called The Fashion Room, which has some amazing deals weekly. There are all sorts of goodies out, and I have a  gorgeous eyes exclusive, Firestar eyes, to the event for sale at 99L per HUD, and a sexy "af" dress on super discount for 75L! Crazy good deals for some really cool stuff.. and those eyes ladies and gents are soooo pretty.. but don't take my word for it. Go check out the deals as I will change them by next Sunday! xoxoxo
Chinoise Dress - fits for Maitreya, Belleza, eBody & Slink
with six texture HUD for 75L
Firestar eyes - sold in two HUDs for 99L each
Omega and Catwa 

hair by DOUX and skin by Glam Affair<3

Monday, December 31, 2018

Nadia and Charlie.. New eyes and a shape for the New Year!

Hello lovelies! Here is a new and gorgeous set of eyes, ready for you on my Marketplace.  As usual, they are released for Catwa and Vista, and of course, Omega. I test my eyes to work on Logo, Lelutka, Catwa, and Vista prior to releasing them as Omega. I want to be sure that they fit the eyes of each head, since each one has subtle differences.

I know that sometimes, you get eyes that are omega appliers, but when you put them on they are off center or rolling back into your head.  Because this has happened to me countless times, I decided I would not let that be the case with my work.

And, for you shape lovers..I released Charlie, seriously gorgeous shape that fits soooo many skins!
The shape is for Catwa's Catya head and Maitreya's Lara Body. I included some of the skins I tested it on, no editing, just cropped and pasted to show how well suited the shape can be for various skins. As usual, the shape is copy, mod and you can tweak it to your needs, but please do make a copy before you do that!  Find her on MP xo

Ok, for now that is all.. there will be more to come in a few days. I do hope you all have a fun and peaceful New Years.. here's hoping we have more peace, more love and more tolerance in 2019..

with love,

Monday, December 24, 2018


It is Christmas Eve and I got up early to be able to release these Heaven Eyes today.. these are my own personal favorite of my creations. They are based on my own daughter's eyes. She is 12, amazing and lovely and has just the prettiest eyes ever <3  Yes, I am a very proud Momma!

These are 100% original content, no templates, no pre-done PNGs. I also made sure that all the different appliers worked with each head, so that if you use the Omega applier, the eyes would be centered correctly for all the heads I tested on, which included Lelutka, Catwa, and Vista, as well as LOGO.  So, rest assured that if you own any of these heads and you use the Omega applier, it will look perfect on those heads ;)

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them! You can find them on my marketplace...
with love..

Monday, December 17, 2018

Catching up!

Goodness how time flies! It has been almost a month since I last posted here, but there are a lot of new lovely things to share. In my adventures in creating, I've found my obsession for eyes actually also comes along to making them. I am still dabbling in fashion but I gotta say that making eyes, nail appliers, poses and shapes are still my fave things to do.  I am not sure where it will all lead, but I do believe in finding your strengths an sticking to them. However, I also think people need to try new things. Had I never tried making eyes, I'd never know how much I LOVE doing them, and I think they are pretty darn awesome too ^_^

Ok, enough with the ruminating. I have a few pics and a few links to some of the newness, and I reccomend that you check out my in-world group and store. I get fairly "gifty" during the Holidays and love passing out unexpected things to my group members, so if you are not in the group and want to stay up to date and see whta other things I come up with, please join today! There is no joining fee, as of now, and gifts are put out at least once a month, but more as the creation bug strikes.

So, here we go, starting with the newest pose and outfit to go out:
This is a cute bento pose, so you should have mesh bento hands for this one, or the hand animation will not work. Also, feel free to use your own hand animations :) 
pose - Let's decorate, with ornament inlcuded
you can find it on MP and in my in-world store

And yes, it does use the outfit below! Decided to do a cute burlesque-type corset and pasties with a cute pair of red shoes and a ribbon collar to just tie it all up together. Perfect for .. well.. anything!

Next is an uber awesome shape that I just LOVE... its thick an cute and just omg yummy! It is mod so you can always adjust the yumminess factor to your liking, but please do make a copy prior to that!

Bae shape - Catya and Maitreya ready
copy, mod
find it on marketplace or in my in-world store 
Style card is included <3

And, also, I released another set of eyes. Firehoney eyes come in a hud for each Vista, Omega or Catwa. There are five colors to choose from.. and they are uber pretty :) Also, I test all my eyes in each head I make them for, so when I sell for Vista, I test them to look good on Vista heads, etc. There are some eyes that are not centered correctly when they use the Omega HUD, so rest assured that MY eyes will fit VISTA, Catwa, and Lelutka if you choose to get the OMEGA hud.

Firehoney eyes - find them on marketplace or in-world, each hud sold seperately of my absolute fave sets of eyes I've made is the Hailey Eye set... It is a mega-hud and has 16 colors and styles. Made for Omega, Vista and Catwa, each HUD sold seperately. 
 And there is, of course, more there so please do yourself a favor and check out the rest of my marketplace, or, better yet, get to my in-world store and join my group, and get a cool set of poses for free as a group gift out now.. and since it is the Holiday season, I will certainly put out some other goodies for all my group members :) There is no group fee now as previously mentioned, so what are you waiting for! 

Thank you for your support, as always.. happy shopping! 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Gotta move it, move it..

The Boardwalk Home and Garden Event is in full swing, and if you haven't gone to see it, please go check it out! Awesome furnishings, decorations and even poses/pose props out for the coming holidays, as well as everyday. A great collection of SL furniture designers signed up for this event, and you really don't want to miss it! There is a little for everyone here, including this awesome workout mat from Abandoned Freight.  This mat has yoga as well as other types of exercises like Pilates, and of course, it is a naughty mat as well! You can change the color of the mat too, to fit your decor. I've included a few other images below and a video too so you can see a sample of the animations. Enjoy!
Do yourself a favor and go check out the event, which runs until Dec 15th... don't miss it!

 mat - Abandoned Freight [AF] Stretch & Sweat - Personal Workout Mat

Monday, October 15, 2018

the Normies..

 I decided another shape made for the Utilizator Normie Bento Head was in order.. this one is Lala, and she is curvy and sweet. I can't say enough about this head, given the extremely low price and the fact that it is Omega friendly makes it a great option for those new to Bento heads and who want to get something that is different than the more mainstream heads.

All bento heads have some limits and have unique looks, even if you can edit them, they do retain their basic characteristics. I would say that the Normie head is more "youthful" than other heads. The skins you use on the head will also give it a different look. Because the head is Omega enabled, you can use Omega eyes, makeup and skins.

If you own this head and don't know which skins would work with it, I highly reccommend trying 7 Deadly Skins, which are made with Omega appliers (typically based on Laq's Bento heads) and offer a nice variety of skin tones and looks. Also, Wow Skins work particularly well with this head, so look out for Wow skins Omega options as well.

You can find my new shape out now on my Marketplace <3

skin - 7 Deadly Skins - Lemon, Omega skin in Peach tone

all aflutter...

Because you ALWAYS need more lashes right? This cute set of long fluttery lashes is out now on my MP, at a super lovely price of just 50L.. get it while its hot!

lashes - .lovelysweet. Flutter lash applier for Catwa

I also released a little set of 4 nail appliers for Maitreya hands.. called Stardust Nails.. they are all my fave colors and so fun!  You can get those here on my MP... See pics below!


Monday, October 8, 2018

the eyes have it..

Halloween is coming and its time to get a little on the wild side..this set of Feral Eyes is perfect for all types of RP, or just to wear al the time if you want! These were made specfically for Vista Bento Mesh heads. I will have an Omega set out in the next week too!

I own the Vista Zoe head and have been loving the ease of use, the great HUD, and the wonderful animations on the user side.

On the creator side, I'm thrilled that it is such an easy head to make stuff for! And, it is Omega enabled, so that is a huge plus, so that you have  wide choice of appliers available to you.

However, it is still nice to be able to use appliers specifically for that head, so I went ahead and released these first. If you do not own the Vista heads, please do yourself a favor, and go try a demo! They are less expensive (by a lot) than most other popular mesh heads and have pretty much all the features that more expensive heads have. Don't get me wrong, I really do like my LOGO, Catwa, LAQ, and Lelutka, and Utilizator heads.. they all have something unique to offer and can be fun to use for different looks.  I like to show the diversity though, and to let others know when there is a product that I believe is top-notch.

(you can find the Vista heads here on Marketplace, 
or in their SL in -world Store as well.. in the store you can also
find the skin makers that have created 
lovely stuff for that head! Go see!)

Saturday, October 6, 2018

something magical...

My newest relase, this cute little dress.. perfect for all your Hallween needs :) With six fun textures, including one plain black for that sexy little black dress ya'all need. The cute little ribbon choker comes with  too!
The mesh fits Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique. Pair it with boots, thigh highs.. a cute little witch hat and you are off and readay for the coming Samhain.

dress - .lovelysweet. Ainsley Dress- Halloween edition
with texture HUD

hand jewelry- L'Emporio - Amulatum hand jewerly for
(they also sell it for Slink and Belleza) 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

everyone has their inner demons, the only difference is, I like mine..

stockings - *Sexy Princess* - Pamela Fishnets
 mesh sizes for -Maitreya
-Slink Hourglass
-Slink Physique

hair - Lamb - Dream - Balyage set

stole - Moon Elixir 

leash - IT! - De'Leashous choker
past gacha

Stranger Tees

Stranger Tee, sold individually for 50L , 9 different textures in all (see image of HUD above) or sold in a fatpack with H...