Saturday, January 3, 2015

comfy Saturday..

Some days just call for comfy clothes.. like.. everyday maybe? *giggles* I love SL because we can get all glammed up and dress up and be anything, but, sometimes, its just nice to slip on a comfy pair of sweats and a tank, like I do at home in RL. Eyelure brings this cute tank top and these cute sweats to let you chill out in style. Mix and match and maybe add a cute pair of flip flops like the ones from N-Core that come with their new mesh flat feet, and you are good to. 

top: Eyelure, mesh tank

pants: Eyelure, Campus sweats, mesh


hair: MINA,Selenia

skin:[INFLICTION], Nu Yu skin *new*

necklace: Izzies, necklace with initial (you can change it via HUD) 

feet: N-Core, mesh feet, flat (come with flip flops )

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