Sunday, July 28, 2019

Newness for July!

I've made a few things this month. If you haven't seen them please stop by my marketplace store and check out what newness there is.. some sexy AF shapes for a few different heads, including LOGO and [AK]. If you are looking for some super deals on bento heads, check out LOGO's offering at Uber this month which is a full Bento head for just 499L, as well as [AK], which offers bento heads discounted for group members. The group fee to join is not high, and you can get access to gifts as well as release prices of 500L per head for limited times. Super deals!

Here is the link and just search by "Newest First" - .lovelysweet on Marketplace

Below are the eyes I just released that are totally awesome. They are called Hasati, and come in a 6 color HUD.... and the Omega HUD works for some of the top heads, including LOGO, Catwa, [AK], Lelutka and Vista. <3

Friday, July 26, 2019

LOTD 0726

dress - Valentina E - Tia Dress for Fifty Linden Friday

ice cream shake - DustBunny - Sweet Tooth, snores shake @ The Epiphany

hair - Magika - Lucy, *NEW*

skin - Glam Affair - Maria @ Kustom9

lipgloss - .lovelysweet. Glossy Lip Trio for Catwa on Marketplace

Monday, July 15, 2019

Trophy Wife...

I have an Uber-sexy shape out for you ladies who like to use Slink's Hourglass body.. Trophy Wife is out on MP now, and includes an eyebrow shaper and a styling card. I hope you enjoy!

shape - Trophy Wife - on marketplace

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Heaven is a place on earth..

So this sweet bikini and jacket set is something I couldn't pass up from blogging.. done by my good friend Emms @ [QE] Deisgns. Her work is awesome.. and her textures always so pretty and bright. Always with an eye for whimsy and design, you will not be disappointed with her work. I hope you guys get a chance to check out her stuff.. see below for links!

bikini and jacket set - [QE] @ Curves

hair - Moon - Happy 

mesh ears - Pumec (past Gacha)

using Catwa Catya head with Belleza Freya mesh body
and my own shape. 


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Alexis ...

New eyes! Alexis eyes are set up for lovely greens and blues..for those that have eyes like the sea :)

3 Huds are available: for Catwa, Vista and Omega. You can find them on my marketplace store!
Search for newest first so you can see the latest releases

Styling info:
Hair - Magika - Energy
head - Catwa - Catya
body - Belleza - Freya
lip gloss - .lovelysweet. Glossy lip trio for Catwa (you can find it in my MP store!)

happy shopping!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

New! Dhiirataa eyes

I have been on an eye-making frenzy! I have released this lovely set of eyes on my marketplace, as well as three more sets coming as well :) I think once a week releases are very feasible this summer, given the extra sunlight time we are getting these days.

These eyes are for my usual Catwa, Vista and Omega users, but also included a set for Genus. If you own more than one head, I highly recommend that you check out how Omega works, as many creators use Omega to create appliers for various heads. As usual, read up on your own mesh to see if it is compatible. The Omega HUD will work on the following: Catwa, Vista, Lelutka, LOGO and Genus. You can see images of a few of the heads below and how the eyes look on them. If you don't want to use Omega, you can always purchase the HUD for your particular head as well.

You can find these eyes on the MP. Each HUD is sold separately. Questions? Send me an IM in-world or a notecard.

Thank you!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Twee is a limited edition skin from Six.. you can find it at the Stix main store on on their MP store here!

Comes in appliers for Genus and LAQ as well as an Omega applier. Body skins are free and can be found in the main store! But, hurry, because only 35 copies will ever be available. 10 on Marketplace and 20 inworld. After this, only 5 will be made available at the main store, then she will be retired and not sold again.

I am wearing Twee on my LAQ Scarlet Bento head.

Also wearing: 
hair - Magika - Lilitth

eyes - IKON

rings - Vibing 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Akasha Eyes and more..

The Group Gift for June is out now in the notices for the group. If you haven't logged in to get it, just go into the groups, choose notices, and get your gift there! These eyes will not be put out in the store nor will they be sold, so they are UNIQUE and only for group members.

I made two huds, one for Catwa and one for Omega. The Omega HUD works with any omega enabled mesh, but the eyes will look correct for the following heads ONLY: LOGO, Lelutka, Catwa, and Vista. As I test out my eyes on the Genus heads I will start releasing more once I feel confident they look as good as they can and are up to my standard of quality.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Tess Falworth

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Mercy Me...


So I have recently discounted a few of my older items in my MP store, and will be redoing my in-world store to reflect my new direction of making eyes and other appliers for bento heads. I have always like eyes and faces and have drawn them since I was a child, so doing this is really the most natural thing for me.

These are the latest in the series of eyes I have made. I am working on more, and also will be including a separate Genus applier for those of us Genus lovers.

Each head is different in how they do their eyes, and what fits on some will not fit on others, therefore I am very careful to test my eyes on all the heads I own (LOGO, Catwa, Lelutka and Vista, and now Genus). You might see that some of the eyes released for the Genus heads look different when shown for Catwa or Vista, etc. That is due to how the applier itself works with the mesh, and how the creator of the mesh designed the eye to look.

I hope you like this latest release, and, if you have a special request, or suggestions, etc, please don't hesitate send me a notecard with what you would like to see and I will do my best!

Thank you and happy shopping!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Dream eyes

A sweet duo of eyes for us hazel and brown eyed folks,  the Dream eyes go well with pretty much any look. As usual, I test the Omega HUD for wearability on LOGO, Catwa, Lelutka, and Vista to be sure that the eyes center correctly in each head. I am working on Genus appliers and they will be coming soon! This set is offered for Catwa as well as Omega, 75L on my MP :) 
100% original content created by me xox

Friday, May 24, 2019

Hello Weekend..

I just happened to go to pr!tty's maintsore to check out what was new, and I spied this hair ready for the Saturday Sale. I love the textures that she has out for her hair, and had to get it. This top, as well, was just a must-have from Blueberry. There were two options for color packs and I, of course, had to go with the one that had pink. Because.. well.. pink :)

If you like getting some awesome deals from some top-notch creators in SL, you should definitely check out Fifty Linden Fridays and The Saturday Sale. I hope you guys have a great start to your weekend.. enjoy!

hair - pr!tty - Emma - fat pack for The Saturday Sale

top -  Blueberry - Not Today Tops for Fifty Linden Friday

Newness for July!

I've made a few things this month. If you haven't seen them please stop by my marketplace store and check out what newness there ...