Sunday, February 23, 2020

Heart Blushies for spring..

I made these cute little heart blushes for use on Lelutka's Nova Evolution head with bake on mesh layers. I have really enjoyed working and using this head. So Lovely! 
These little blushes are set for a promo price of 50L at my mainstore and on Marketplace as well, so go get yours! 

Friday, February 21, 2020

Spring is almost here @ 35L Sunday Sale!

Can you believe its almost the weekend? The week has gone by and weekend sales are coming up again. For this 35L Sunday Sales I decided to do a fun set of nail appliers that is simple but super cute for Easter and Spring.. can you tell I want it to come quick? I need that sunshine! 

This applier is exclusive for Maitreya fingernails, so come find it at my mainstore in SL this Sunday at this fabulous price. 
Happy Shopping! xoxo

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

#PUMEC Group Gifts

I logged in today to make some eye HUDs, but ended up grabbing a Group Gift from Pumec instead... Can we just talk about how awesome it is to have skin creators do group gifts the INCLUDE the body appliers? I know everyone does as they feel is appropriate, and I certainly appreciate that given that I make and sell stuff in SL as well. I don't ever look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak! I appreciate ALL the group gifts given, and certainly have no expectations of any. That anyone chooses to give away their stuff is awesome in my book. This brings me to Pumec Skins. I've been a fan for a very long time, years really, and have been a group member for ever.. and I am tickled pink by every gift she puts  out. In my opinion, given the details on the lips, nose and overall skin, Pumec are just gorgeous. This gift is for Catwa and Genus. She often will make skins for other heads as GG, so its well worth joining, I think. 
 Her Gachas also include the body appliers, which I have seen less and less creators do. Again, to each their own, but goodness! I play her Gachas just for that reason to be honest. I know I will get the whole package and it makes me want to spend my L!  Anyway, I am just gushing over this group gift, but really I am very appreciative of the gifts that ALL creators make. My avatar is only as good as the stuff that is made for it.   I'll have to show the group gift that Glam Affair did as well for Lelutka's new face next time.. also gorgeous and very generous. 
This pic was cropped and I used some blurring on the edges, but otherwise its just taken on medium resolution with CLW on Firestorm. 

hair - Stealthic

skin - Pumec -Current GG

head - Catwa, Catya

body - Maitreya

shirt - Tres Blah

Saturday, February 15, 2020

35L Sundays with some glossy sweet lippies

Its that time of the week again! 35L Sunday Sale time.. and I have two new glossies sets for all us Catwa ladies, with bake on mesh layers as well. Just 35L per set this Sunday only, after that they will go back to their regular, yet stil awesome price of 99L! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Some Blogging Loving..

It has been a long time since I did some casual blogging and I honestly do miss it sometimes. I like to see what is out there by the amazing creators of SL as well as bring info to anyone who might be following my blog. Plus, its an excuse for me to do my pretty pictures! 

If you like to shop  you probably like doing the weekend sales events that have been around a while. I had to grab this cute hair from the FLF list from BonBon.. and tested a new eye set I made as well as some lips. The skin is a lovely skin by Glam Affair @ Anthem. I am so glad to see that we still are getting Catwa skins with options fo BOM & Appliers. I think that is a smart option, to be honest. Also, found my cute card from Tres Blah.. its like it fell to the back of my virtual closet and I finally dug it up! I've stopped shopping as much for this reason.. I now try to only get one or two items from the weekend sales and limit my event purchases to things that are completely new and unusual. It's helped.. my inventory is thanking me slowly as I delete all the old stuff I no longer use and I actually get to enjoy using the stuff I get..  yay! 

Hair - BonBon from this past FLF

skin - Dora - Glam Affair @ Anthem
sold with appliers and BOM options
6 tones available

earrings - e.Marie - 

eyes - .lovelysweet. Tahiti Eyes

top - Tres Blah

Poses and more poses!

Bringing you some new poses for all your blogging/SL photo needs. All of these can be found on my Marketplace.  Just be sure to search by "newest first".

All the poses are copy/mod so you can edit to your hearts content. Please be sure to make a copy prior to doing that! Enjoy ! 

5 poses, perfect for blogging, closeups and general photography

Bento pose set great for bloggers, portraits and general photographers alike

Saturday, February 8, 2020

35L Sunday Sale- February 9

 New release, set for 35L Sunday Sales this Sunday.. will be at regular price after Sunday, so don't miss it! 
Available with two huds, for CATWA and Omega. The photo above shows them on Lelutka Evolution Nova head, and below on Catwa Catya. 
find them here: 

Friday, February 7, 2020

The Liaison Collaborative February 2020

 Currently at The Liaison Collaborative.. two lovely sets of eyes inspired by one of my favorite art periods, the Impressionist period. I created these eyes taking inspiration from the beautiful palettes of Renoir and Monet. As always, each set comes with a Catwa HUD and an Omega HUD (Omega hud can be used on Lelutka Evolution, older Lelutka heads, Vista, Catwa, LOGO, and [AK] heads) 

take your taxi here: 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Broken Heart Fair 2020

Lots of new things for this great event! A little sweet and a little dark, perfect for when you just can't even with Valentines Day :) I have two eye sets and one lip set. The eyes are Catwa and Omega and and my Omega HUD  works perfectly with Lelutka's new Evolution brand heads (above I am using Nova from the Evolution line).  

Follow the link to the Broken Heart Fair and find these three new releases there, exclusive to the fair until Feb 14th. All items are discounted from 10%-50%. 
Also, you will see three new and exclusive 10L items the are cute and fun and really a steal! 
Don't miss it! 

The Cupid Lippies set is fun and pretty subtle so you can even use them for any day of the year really.. pretty pinks and reds to complement almost all skins. There is a free sample that is not a demo, but an actual sample of one of the lips in the set so you can see if it suits your skin. Grab one today! 

And who doesn't need more Love in their lives? LoveSoul eyes are a dreamy set of lovely eyes that really are the window to the soul. Also with a free sample for you guys so you can see if you like them with your shape, head etc.! My samples are not Demos, they are one color of the set given to you to see my work, and you can use it to your hearts content. Grab one today! 

Below are the 10L items for you all! Really a steal for all the cuteness you get, so don't hesitate to pick them up! Guys, you can also gift any of my items to your special someone so don't miss it! 

Monday, January 27, 2020


Hello lovelies!
Today I bring you a new shape for Catwa Lona and Maitreya, though it can be used well with Catya as well. The shape is mod and copy as always you can tweak it as needed. Stylecard and eyebrow shaper included. Enjoy! 

Thora shape, for Catwa Lona and Maitreya


hair - Sintiklia -Bethy

skin - Glam Affair - Pandora skin from past FLF

lingerie - Moon Elixir 

necklace - Kibitz 

tee- Blueberry

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Spicy Stuff and Salacity

My dear friend Angie owns Salacity, a great store for adult furniture that is just as functional as it is hot. I snagged a copy of this lovely little bath bench, and decided it looked great at the foot of a bed as well as a bathroom. This little bench has not only single animations, some darling like brushing your hair or painting your toes, but also so hot couples animations. This is well made, fits into most decor and is just really a great addition to your boudoir, bathroom or bedroom. 

You can find this little jewel of a bench at The Spicy Event, which runs from January 10 to the 27th. It comes with three texture options, and the poses also contain props (brush shown in image below). So, check out the event and snag this perfect little bench, and be ready to have some sizzling fun :) 

Heart Blushies for spring..

I made these cute little heart blushes for use on Lelutka's Nova Evolution head with bake on mesh layers. I have really enjoyed worki...