Monday, November 26, 2018

Gotta move it, move it..

The Boardwalk Home and Garden Event is in full swing, and if you haven't gone to see it, please go check it out! Awesome furnishings, decorations and even poses/pose props out for the coming holidays, as well as everyday. A great collection of SL furniture designers signed up for this event, and you really don't want to miss it! There is a little for everyone here, including this awesome workout mat from Abandoned Freight.  This mat has yoga as well as other types of exercises like Pilates, and of course, it is a naughty mat as well! You can change the color of the mat too, to fit your decor. I've included a few other images below and a video too so you can see a sample of the animations. Enjoy!
Do yourself a favor and go check out the event, which runs until Dec 15th... don't miss it!

 mat - Abandoned Freight [AF] Stretch & Sweat - Personal Workout Mat

Monday, October 15, 2018

the Normies..

 I decided another shape made for the Utilizator Normie Bento Head was in order.. this one is Lala, and she is curvy and sweet. I can't say enough about this head, given the extremely low price and the fact that it is Omega friendly makes it a great option for those new to Bento heads and who want to get something that is different than the more mainstream heads.

All bento heads have some limits and have unique looks, even if you can edit them, they do retain their basic characteristics. I would say that the Normie head is more "youthful" than other heads. The skins you use on the head will also give it a different look. Because the head is Omega enabled, you can use Omega eyes, makeup and skins.

If you own this head and don't know which skins would work with it, I highly reccommend trying 7 Deadly Skins, which are made with Omega appliers (typically based on Laq's Bento heads) and offer a nice variety of skin tones and looks. Also, Wow Skins work particularly well with this head, so look out for Wow skins Omega options as well.

You can find my new shape out now on my Marketplace <3

skin - 7 Deadly Skins - Lemon, Omega skin in Peach tone

all aflutter...

Because you ALWAYS need more lashes right? This cute set of long fluttery lashes is out now on my MP, at a super lovely price of just 50L.. get it while its hot!

lashes - .lovelysweet. Flutter lash applier for Catwa

I also released a little set of 4 nail appliers for Maitreya hands.. called Stardust Nails.. they are all my fave colors and so fun!  You can get those here on my MP... See pics below!


Monday, October 8, 2018

the eyes have it..

Halloween is coming and its time to get a little on the wild side..this set of Feral Eyes is perfect for all types of RP, or just to wear al the time if you want! These were made specfically for Vista Bento Mesh heads. I will have an Omega set out in the next week too!

I own the Vista Zoe head and have been loving the ease of use, the great HUD, and the wonderful animations on the user side.

On the creator side, I'm thrilled that it is such an easy head to make stuff for! And, it is Omega enabled, so that is a huge plus, so that you have  wide choice of appliers available to you.

However, it is still nice to be able to use appliers specifically for that head, so I went ahead and released these first. If you do not own the Vista heads, please do yourself a favor, and go try a demo! They are less expensive (by a lot) than most other popular mesh heads and have pretty much all the features that more expensive heads have. Don't get me wrong, I really do like my LOGO, Catwa, LAQ, and Lelutka, and Utilizator heads.. they all have something unique to offer and can be fun to use for different looks.  I like to show the diversity though, and to let others know when there is a product that I believe is top-notch.

(you can find the Vista heads here on Marketplace, 
or in their SL in -world Store as well.. in the store you can also
find the skin makers that have created 
lovely stuff for that head! Go see!)

Saturday, October 6, 2018

something magical...

My newest relase, this cute little dress.. perfect for all your Hallween needs :) With six fun textures, including one plain black for that sexy little black dress ya'all need. The cute little ribbon choker comes with  too!
The mesh fits Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique. Pair it with boots, thigh highs.. a cute little witch hat and you are off and readay for the coming Samhain.

dress - .lovelysweet. Ainsley Dress- Halloween edition
with texture HUD

hand jewelry- L'Emporio - Amulatum hand jewerly for
(they also sell it for Slink and Belleza) 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

everyone has their inner demons, the only difference is, I like mine..

stockings - *Sexy Princess* - Pamela Fishnets
 mesh sizes for -Maitreya
-Slink Hourglass
-Slink Physique

hair - Lamb - Dream - Balyage set

stole - Moon Elixir 

leash - IT! - De'Leashous choker
past gacha

Sunday, September 16, 2018


 Branching out into fashion has been awesome and more will come! But, I still love making shapes, and so I really don't see myself not making some here and there. I like making shapes that are for everyone, so Nala is a lovely, curvy shape made for Catwa's Catya Bento head and Slink Hourglass body.  As always, she  can be modded to suit individual likes. Chek her out on my marketplace, and be sure to be on the lookout for more coming your way, as well an in-world store VERY soon!

 what I am wearing: 

hair - Rezology - Nala (really awesome mesh dreads!)

eye appliers - euphoric

skin appliers - PUMEC - Nicole, group gift (pay the fee to join 
the group and get access to this skin as well as others from this past year!)

Friday, September 14, 2018

The softest dress...

Here is my newest release, and this time its a fashion item.. the Softest Dress. It is a pretty little tank dress that has the softest textures, as well as a little humor in one..with a texture changing HUD and fits for Maitreya, Belleza (all), Slink (all) and eBody Curvy too! Check it out on promo now in the Marketplace

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

focus on the good..

New tattoo up on my marketplace..with lots more goodies to come! I hope you all get a chance to check it out. Soon I will be opening an in world store and have a group gift ready to go.. oh yea, that reminds me, you can join my in-world group and be in the know for all that stuff!
muah! xoox

tattoo - .lovelysweet. Focus on the Good Ganesh tattoo
with Maitreya and Omega appliers

hai - Stealthic - Avela

head - Catwa - Catya Bento mesh head

skin appliers - MILA - Belinda skin appliers


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dorm life..

Ah, college life..the messy dorm rooms, the cold pizza and leftover beers and all the unfinished papers yet to be written. College life changes for each generation, but one thing that has stayed the same has been those awesome loft/bunk beds that so many colleges have. I personally loved them!

Loved being able to be up high, above it all, so to speak. And, under it to create a little tucked away space to curl up and read, study or eat pizza :) I'd invite my best friend over for a late night study session and some sweets... life was good.

The loft-style bed from Salacity and the chair and table set from Ella were perfect for this whimsical reminesence of my college days. The cair is PG, while the bed is definitely adult! You can find this bed at The XXX Event until August 2nd, and the chair and table are at The Underdog Event.               .

See below for a full list of items used.

bed - Salacity, Dorm Bed, exclusive for the
 XXX event, July 12-August 2

chair - Ella, Sotto Chair and Filson table

pizza and pop -  Peaches 'N Cream - CESP -Pizza & Soda, Gacha

scattered shirt and books - Wednesday[+] Strange Life Gacha

notebook - IONIC, notes from college gacha
sweet treats - Reign - sleepover essentials, past gacha

Monday, July 23, 2018

sometimes we just need some me time... NSFW :)

 Yes, sometimes we just need time to chill and relax. Bubbly anyone? :) I got a chance to .. uhm.. play a bit with a great tub created by one of my oldest friends in SL, owner of Abandoned Freight. His furniture is certainly not vanilla, with awesome designs and a wicked sense of humor, the furnitre has all you will need for XXX SL time.  This tub has a great texture selection plus plenty of poses from chill to plain out sexy AF.  Below are some more of the more.. personal photos from this shoot.. NSFW is for sure on this!
and also now up on MP 
(be sure to stop by the in-world store too though becuase the sim is also
an RP sim, with lots of cool little nooks and crannies to take pictures.. or.. errm..
indulge in some sexy RP ^_^)

hair - Truth - most recent GG

head - Vista - Zoe Bento mesh head

skin appliers - PUMEC - Marisa skin applier, current group gift for
Vista heads

tattoo -  PMS/ Wild Roots - Heritage tattoo applier

Of course this tub has multiple poses for solo as well as couples...which are not shown on this shoot, but you can see them up on the marketplace ad, as well as test it out in the inworld store in the links above. 

Can you tell I was having alot of  "fun"? :)

Gotta move it, move it..

The Boardwalk Home and Garden Event is in full swing, and if you haven't gone to see it, please go check it out! Awesome furnishing...