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35L Sunday Sales May 24

Its the weekend and with it comes sales! I have a new eye set ready for you, as well as a cute cheeky tattoo set. They eyes have my usual HUDs for Catwa, Omega and Lelutka Evolution, as well as BOM layers. The tattoo have HUDs for Catwa and Omega and BOM layers for Lelutka Evolution heads, Catwa, Genus, etc (basically any head that is BOM). 
Demos available.. come get yours 
at my in-world mainstore!
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Catwa Freya Bento shapes

Hello lovely people! I made two new super cute shapes for Catwa's gift head, Freya. Katherine & Lorna come with an eyebrow shaper and a styling card and are copy, mod so you can adjust them to your needs. I hope you enjoy! 

find them in my MARKETPLACE STORE


Hello lovelies! I made this cute eyeshadow, heart tattoo and blush combo for myself, and decided I wanted to share with everyone. 

The pack includes two HUDs, one for Catwa and one Omega, and BOM layers for all heads, including Lelutka Evolution. 

I hope you are able to come by and pick it up! No group needed.. just stop by my mainstore and get your set :) 


35L Sunday Sales April 26

New set of eyes for 35L Sunday Sales. HUDs included as shown. Omega HUD works with Genus, [AK], Vista, Catwa, Lelutka, etc.& both female and male heads.
Sale runs only for Sunday, April 26th @ my mainstore.. so hurry and get yours! 

35L Sunday Sales April 12

Purity eyes new and ready for 35L Sunday Sales!  get yours now @my maintsore

Sloan Shape for Lelutka Nova

Hello lovelies! Today I bring you a new shape for Lelutka's Nova head and Belleza's Freya body.. a curvy, delicious and sexy look for those of us who like a bit more lushness :) The shape is mod, copy so feel free to tweak it as needed. Styling card and eyebrow shape included.
Find it on my marketplace only!

Sloan Shape for Freya and Lelutka Nova

Phases Event April 10th

I am happy to be participating in a new event for me.. Phases. I'm very excited to be part of it and I hope you are able to stop by and check out the awesome stuff there! 

I've created two new eye sets for you guys: Callum and Sunyata. Both are unisex, and come with Catwa, Lelutka Evolution, and Omega HUDs, as well as BOM layers. Demos provided so come on by! 

Phases Event opens April 10th and runs through May 2nd

You can also pick up this cute Heart cheek tattoo there as a gift for the Phases VIP group...