Sunday, September 8, 2013

easy rider....

I've been wearing :EC: clothing for a little while now, and am happy to see her work in mesh, and of course thrilled that she does appliers for her clothing.  But for this post, its all in the pants baby... these jeans come with a color changing hud to let you play to your heart's content with outfits. The hud controls the undies, the jeans and the wallet in the back pocket, so you can mix and match colors and play with outfits to your heart's content. And if that wasn't enough, she has included in the outfit tank tops (not pictured) with Lolas appliers, again, with enough choices to keep you mixing a matching for a month! I also purchased a separate outfit and used that tank (seen in the pic). That is how versatile her clothing is :)
This one is definitely getting my thumbs up for versatility and color mix, as well as affordability. If you haven't checked out her shop, what are you waiting for? go go go!! I'll apologize now for you using up your allowance *grins*
 jeans: Enelya's Creations, Missy, with color change hud for jeans
tank tops included with appliers. 
top: EC, Ellis outfit 
skin: Al Vulo, Cecilia in sunkissed
hair: Ploom, Ark
feet: Slink
nails: Mandala, Kabuki nails and bracelet
arm tats: Boss Tattoo@ Stuff in Stock, Sweet Sacrifice
belly tat: my own
glasses: BND (no longer open in world)

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