Sunday, September 29, 2013

OMG Becky...

Look at her butt... !
Well, I had been deliberating the purchase of this mess booty for a couple of weeks now.. but I have kept my eyes open to see how it looked on different body types, etc. I have been impressed so far and finally, with a little coaxing, decided to get it :) It matched pretty well with the default light skin tone and my Amberly skin from Glam affair, and using the blender layer really helped. I will eventually have to go grab the appliers for my fave skins but with knowing I can at least use it now with out them is pretty cool :) I modded my shape to the suggested description in the notecard included and the fit was rather flawless, with out changing my shape really in the end since you can't tell I have modded it. I'd love to see this booty be able to come in different shapes and perhaps an option to reduce the size, much like our boobies. But, its a nice little addition to my SL wardrobe for the days when I want a little more oomph :)

dress: Sugar & Cyanide, Alliana in white
mesh booty: Luck Inc, Phat Azz
hair: Lelutka, Canto in powder
skin: Glam Affair, Amberly in America tone
cigs: dirtyland

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