Thursday, September 26, 2013

{Tales of the Dark Angel} Doubt

She was tired. Traveling between the realms was exhausting to her. Since she was not full angel, she always suffered when she had to travel between. Managing to come back down the deserted town, she started to question everything again.
What was she doing here anyway? She should have never accepted the offer.
But, the alternative... well.. She wasn't particularly relishing it either.
Leaning against the windows in the empty police station, she gathered her thoughts and tried to quiet her mind. A Hunter in this state was vulnerable, and she couldn't afford that.
But, the nagging doubt that something was going on beyond just a mere hunt wouldn't leave her.
She knew that she would have to go look elsewhere for the answer, as she couldn't even trust Michael.

With another sigh, she gathered her strength and wrapped a protective shield of energy around her.
Knowing what she had to do, she said a silent prayer, and headed off into the darkness to find her brothers and sisters of the night.
.. to be continued....

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