Monday, September 9, 2013

{Tales of the Dark Angel} The Hunter

She took a drag off her half smoked cig and savored the dark, acrid smoke. Exhaling, she closed her eyes for a second before she watched the smoke slowly curl up into the cool night air. The stillness in the town was so palpable she almost felt creeped out.
As a hunter angel, she had learned to keep her emotions in check at all time. Any disturbance in the energy fields would tip off the demons she hunted, and she didn't really like the thought of having to start the chase all over again.
This particular demon had wrecked havoc in this sad little town. Ilara had not seen this level of devastation in a long, long time. The demons usually responsible for this were very powerful, and very elusive. She shuddered slightly at the thought of the last time she saw one, and tried to shut her memories away once more.
Her dark wings moved in the slight night breeze as she stood on top of the little rusted bus stop.

The town that time forgot, she thought to herself. It was as if she had walked into 1960s America, but with no people.
As she scanned the surrounding area with her mind's eye, she felt a slight twinge of sadness when she saw the empty schoolhouse, schoolbooks still opened up, pencils on desks, and the scattered remnants of a classroom in the middle of a lesson when disaster struck.

She tried to not think of the children. Saying a little prayer for their souls she moved on to the surrounding houses, where she finally detected a sign of the demon. But was this one it? He seemed to weak, too scattered to have caused this mess. She sensed more than one was involved, but ...
Well, the only way to know was to go confront him.
Crushing her now burned down cigarette with the heel of her black leather boot, she slid her fingers along the blade of the knife at her thigh. The smooth, cold steel made her grin. Her sword, tucked between her wings, held quiet for her as she reached behind her back and unsheathed it. Kissing it gently, she whispered.. "tonight, you will taste demon blood my sweet.."

to be continued...


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    1. Mori! Well it's time to write some more :)) I'm in one of those moods...


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