Monday, September 16, 2013

{Tales of the Dark Angel} Michael

Ilana took a shaky breath. The scratches on her arm were already healing, but she could still feel the demon poison in them, fighting to infect her. Her composition was such that she was immune to it, but she still detested the way it made her feel when it touched her.
She swallowed and wiped her blade on a dirty rag she found cast off on the floor. The only sign of any fighting was the acrid smell of burning flesh.
Demons burned as they died. As her sword cut its flesh, it immediately started to burn.
Going back to its source, she thought as she wrinkled her nose. Finding the flask of whiskey at her thigh, she took a swig and walked out to the porch. The fading sun's rays were incredibly beautiful, casting a deep golden glow onto everything it touched. But, they were more than that.
At sunset and sunrise, the rays of the sun emit a powerful glow that is stronger than even the noon day sun. This energy is the lifeline of Angels and Hunters alike.
As she stood on the porch, raising her arms to salute the dying sun, she felt the warmth of its rays saturate her. The scratches from the fight were gone. Her body whole again, she felt her soul start to strengthen.

"Hello Little One.." said a deep husky voice behind her. She smiled, but didn't move. She knew that voice, intimately recognized by every fiber in her being.
"Michael" she said.

Glancing over her shoulder, she chuckled.
"Good Lord Michael, you look like a best man at a wedding.. where on Earth did you find that outfit?"
He cleared his throat and furrowed his brows, then a slow grins spread across his full lips.

She winked.."You really need to stop letting Gabriel give you fashion advice.."

He laughed now. His deep blue eyes fixed on her, and she grinned, then blushed slightly as she turned away.
Spinning to look at him, she stood casually, leaning on one hip, as if she had not just fought off a Warrior Demon.

Michael raised an eyebrow, looking at her arm where the demon had clawed her. No visible scar remained but he knew. Reaching out to her, he placed his hand lightly over the area, chanting an ancient healing prayer. Ilana tingled. An electric current of power ran from his hand into her and she felt the last of the demon poison leave her body.

"Thanks, I needed that" she said, fishing for a cigarette and her lighter. She in haled and glanced out to the sea.

"This was not a normal demon, Michael" she said, her eyes still looking at the horizon.
He shifted and crossed his arms. "what was it then?"
"It was a Warrior." she said simply.
He frowned again, a somber look to his deep eyes.

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