Thursday, September 12, 2013

{Tales of the Dark Angel} Readying Your Blade

After finding a secluded area to change, Ilana readied herself for the hunt. Her senses attuned at all time outwards, listening, sensing, feeling, while at the same time holding her emotions in check to keep the energy field around her as neutral as possible. Demons and angels had a special affinity for each other, and even gifted humans could sense her. 

She didn't need to worry about humans in this town, that was for sure, she thought as she hid her wings. Riflnig through her knapsack, she found found clothing more appropriate for demon hunting. 
Once dressed, she stashed her knapsack, and picked up her sword. Weighing it easily in her hand, with a seemingly effortless movement, she spun it around her fingers then above her head to slice in the air with deadly accuracy.
The blade hummed.
Ilana smiled.

While she could easily use a less precise weapon, the most efficient way to kill a demon and be sure it was dead was to cut its head off. Most hunters had their weapons of choice, and those who hunted with swords knew them not as just weapons, but partners in the hunt. All blades had their own "voice", and Ilana knew her sword's voice as if it was a lovers. And tonight it sang of blood.

With a grin, she sheathed the sword and stepped out into the night, walking in the shadows of the little neighborhoods of the town, following the pull of the demon energy, until she came the house where she sensed its presence.

All hunters knew how to cloak using the available energy from their surroundings, but Ilana was especially good. She was able to watch the demon inside the abandoned house for a few minutes, noting that this was no ordinary beast. She felt a slight shiver. Why had it felt so weak prior? Had it been projecting itself as weak to attract its prey more easily? Ilana didn't really care, she knew what her job was.
With a sweep of her hand, her sword was out. She was materialized once more, and as she strode forward the door burst open and there was the demon.
Waiting, its orange eyes glowing in pure evil energy.

It crouched at the ready as it chuckled... "Well, well... what do we have here? a girl with a sword.." With a slight twitch of its nose and a lick of its disgusting lips, the beastly creature's eyes took in Ilana's form. Its lascivious sneer made Ilana almost gag. She saw its huge cock twitch as he grunted again..
"Perhaps this Hunter wants a taste of demon seed before I eat her soul.." 

Ilana's clear blue green eyes narrowed. Her fingers flexed around the hilt. She met the demon's eyes. 
"Come and get me, big boy.." she said softly.. 

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