Sunday, October 27, 2013

{Silver Threads} Ends and Beginnings

Alas, this is the final two poses from my collaboration with Peter. As the third of the fates, Atropos is in charge of cutting the threads of life, thus cutting the connections  they have with others. However, these threads fall back into the web, and they are redone, recreated and re-connected, often over many lifetimes. So, if you have ever wondered why one suddenly connects with another person, that instant attraction.. or when you hold your child and she looks into your eyes and you swear you've known her since before she was born.. or, when you take your loved one's hand and you know.. they have been there before.. this is why; these Silver Threads of Fate that weave us into being.

Thank you Peter for making my ideas a reality :)
find this pose here @Peter's Poses on MP.

Find this pose, a variant of the one above, here @ Peter's Poses on MP :) 

for those who want to know:
shape: my own personal one, made by me
skin: League, Isla in pale
hands and feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement hands and feet
hair: EMOtions, windblown in black
silks and collar: Soedora

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