Saturday, October 26, 2013

{Tales of the Dark Angel} My Kingdom Come

The night was quiet…she had become accustomed to the absence of sounds, and was acutely aware of anything that did make a noise.
Demons were notorious for being loud and usually rather clumsy, but the one she had been hunting were unusually cunning. She had to leave this town and find some allies, and she knew just where to start and who to find.
As she slowly walked down the empty road towards the edge of town, the fog became thick and increasingly heavy. She could sense danger, and kept her senses open to the surroundings.
Crossing the old wooden bridge, she saw the demon at the other end.
He was unlike any she had seen, but the stench of Hell was on him and made her nearly retch. She knew that scent all too well.

Her guns drawn, she stopped and cocked her head to the left,  her lips curled in a small grin, deadly cold eyes fixed on the creature ahead of her. His back was to her, and she released the safety on her weapons. The click made him turn, as she slowly realized who he was.
"Azariel?" she whispered … But you are an angel.. what.. what happened ? 

The one called Azariel turned more, his eyes fixed on her, his tongue slipping past his lips as he bared his fangs slightly.
An angel turned demon.

Tess just stared.

"who did this to you?"

"your God…" he sneered

Then, his eyes changed for a split second, the soul in him showed for one last time as his sneer disappeared, and she saw a tear slip down his cheek… "kill me… " he whispered..

The sound of the gunshot reverberated through the valley.
She saw his body collapse, and the demonic form disappeared, leaving behind the angel's body, her old friend..

"this is our kingdom come…" she whispered.. leaning down to take a feather form his wings.

Walking away as his body disappeared, she didn't turn back, she just kept her eyes forward.
This had just become personal…

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