Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fantasie Noir

For anyone who has known my work from my prior flickr stream and now this current one, you will probably have noticed that I adore fantasy works, and draw inspiration from many sources. Lately, I've been drawn to darker themes. Those of loss, of longing, of looking for meaning, they all still play a big part of my work, but I am also fascinated with the idea of beauty and what people consider beautiful, and how often we are attracted to those things we are told maybe we shouldn't. But who is to say our darker fantasies are anything bad?
I am certainly not perfect in how I express my thoughts, yet I think its worth exploring.. I hope you enjoy this image and if you want to see more, please do visit Gallery Assis as there is some more of my current work not seen on Flickr.
To that note, I would like to thank PeterJackson for his infinite patience and making two poses used for my show, as well as F*cking Ninjas, whose creator has been amazingly generous and has created some amazing poses for the SL community to enjoy, one of whom I also gratefully used.
And, another big thank you to Emaline, who always indulges me in my ideas for poses, and whose work has inspired me since I met her.

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