Sunday, November 17, 2013

{Tales of the Dark Angel} Finding Him

She found him finally in his old home, the Western most coast of the US, besides the darkened winter sea. Desolate, alone.. just like he wanted.
"Jake…" she said, standing by him. She knew she didn't have to say anything. He knew she was there before she even arrived. He sensed her as much as she sensed him. They were intertwined more than they each cared to admit.
"I need your help, Jake.. " she said softly. He turned, his eyes ravaging hers.
"Don't get too close" he said, his voice husky, his eyes feral… "I am broken, my heart is cold.. the beast is inside and he will come out, he will devour your heart, and shatter you in a thousand pieces.."
And she stood, the Demon Hunter, her blood chilled as she stared into those eyes. But, the more she looked, the more she saw, there, still there… his soul. The light inside, still glowing for her, despite their past, despite their shattered hearts.
Stepping closer, she heard him growl. Her hand reached out, and when she touched his hand, the energy between them was agonizing.
"We all have demons.. our past is the past…  I am broken and so are you. Let's be broken together, and maybe we can be whole.."

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