Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pour it Up

F*cking Ninjas has been one of my all time favorite pose maker for a few years in SL. Part of the reason I love her stuff so much is that she tends to include props in her poses, which makes taking a good pic much easier. The props can be mixed and matched and the poses are are really multipurpose. These new pole dancer poses are no different. Each one comes with a pole and a pose, and the pose alone too so you can use it in multiple ways.  I can't wait to try these in a new way, perhaps with out the pole even! If you haven't checked out her stuff, go do yourself a favor and see her store in world.

And, that hair! yes, it is as cool as it looks. From Argrace, its called Akane. The hair comes with a pose hud with five laying poses. It also comes with pose balls you can use if you so choose. Really cool idea and really cool hair, as well as versatile, as you can see :)

above: *FN* Scorpio Pole dancer pose, comes with pole and pose to rez, as well as pose alone.
Hair: Argrace, Akane hair in Classy Brown

Below: *FN* Split Grip pose.. hunky guy and money not included ^_^
Hair: Argrace, Akane Hair in classy brown

Below: *FN* Superman pole pose, comes with pole and pose, as well as pose alone.
hair: EMO*tions Waterlove hair in blondes
shoes: Redgrave, Helena shoes

Hope you enjoy the poses and a big thank you to HeavyT for posing with me :)

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