Sunday, February 8, 2015

and if I stand here silent...

"She had been alive for longer than she could remember.. if living is what you called her existence. Hers was one of darkness, of hiding in corners, of seeking out the shadows for fear of the light that may expose her. 

Her existence has seen kings fall, nations rise, and wars that never ended. Her existence had seen the foulest of human nature, punctuated by sweetness and innocence so poignant that she felt her heart would burst in its presence.

 In the space between these two, she existed. 

In a kind of quiet limbo, an observer, forced to watch as humanity failed, over and over, at learning the only lesson they needed to know.. that love could redeem.

As she stood on the edge of the dying light, she felt the shadows, her ever present lovers, caressing her once more.. and she wondered what it would feel like to die. And, as the last tendrils of light settled on the horizons, she turned and walked back into the night." 

dress: MoDANNA, [Montmartre Collection]
 Glamour Latex Dress, mesh, @ Fashion Fair, on now!

skin: Lumae, Beth, Tone 2, Valentine @ With Love Fair
comes with TMP head appliers, Omega head appliers, as well as 
appliers for most Mesh bits. 50% off for the duration 
of the Fair ;) 

hair: Little Bones, Pavillion

eyes: IKON Deadshine eyes

eyelashe: alaskametro, Here Kitty lashes

eyeshadow: Dead Apples, Tint My Lids (group gift) 

shoes: Hypnose, Skyll shoes, Red, for Slink High feet

ring: [F]oil Armour Rings, Silver

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