Friday, March 27, 2015

livin' on a prayer...

Nothing says rock n'roll like black leather, and MoDANNA has created some rockin' pieces for this year's Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. The fair opens on March 28th, so be ready with your wallets and have fun! And, if you spent all your allowance, the good news is you can pick up this goooooorgeous new skin from Lumae, Adore, for free! Join her group for this and other lovely gifts.. and while you are there, if you are part of the SLFree and offers group, or the Fab Free group, she also has free gifts for these groups, so, no excuses ladies! 

torn shirt: MoDANNA [Stefani] collection, ripped shirt
mesh (does not come with an alpha due to the design, but will fit well with just a little tweaking of your shape)
pants: MoDANNA,[Stefani] Collection 
opens March 28th!

shoes: NoName, Ora heel w/color change HUD

skin: Lumae, Adore skin, group gift <3

eyes: IKON, Sovereign eyes

hair: Analog Dog, 42

piercings: Hebenon Vial, liquid silver

photos taken @ Hazardous (bottom photo) and FucknFilthy(top photo)  (yes, as the name denotes, its an adult sim, but the owner was a gracious gentleman who was happy to let me do photos there.. so if you are looking for a well done darker adult area to take pics, this is a well done little area) 

As a photographer, I don't worry much about the rating of the sims where I shoot, mostly because I have found that the ones that are rated mature and adult tend to have the atmosphere I am looking for. 
I will try to include the SURLs of the places where I do pics, incase anyone is interested. 

I'll be doing more posts from the RAFF as well as other newness over this weekend so stay tuned! 

with much love.. <3

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