Tuesday, July 3, 2018

And some more loveliness.. Langley Shape for the Utilizator Normie head

So, I made another shape.. surprise! This shape is for the Utilizaor Normie Bento head, and its called Langley. You can find it on MP here 

It is currently on a promos price so get it while the price is right!
 For those of you looking for an affordable yet awesome Bento head for human avatars, I highly reccomend checking out the Utilizator Normie Bento mesh head. For 500L, this bento head is already Omega enabled, comes with some basic built in expressions.

Easily modified to create a unique look, this head is, in my opinion, worth getting if you want the ability to have a mesh head but don't have the funds for a 5000L head. If you are new to Bento heads, this may be a way to explore what they are all about without alot of investment too. But, I can tell you that you will like it once you see how pretty it is and how lovely lots of skins look on it!

I would call this head a more "youthful" head look. Depending on what skins you use and what makeup you use, it can be made to look more mature, of course.

I tested the head on skins from Wow to 7 Deadly Skins and any other Omega ready skins that I had in my inventory, and I found that most looked great on the head. It struck me after playing around with this head that it is very similar in look to our default avatar head, and has a more universal look to it.

This shape is mod, copy so you can modify the body and head to your hearts content. Please make a copy prior!


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