Friday, August 27, 2021

Updates, Log in Issues, oh my!

So, I have a few updates on my log in issues etc. So far, I am still able to log on at least once a day, other times SL does not like me much hah! I've done what I can to create, and I have managed to get a few things made while SL behaves :) It is a bit hit and miss but I hope it lasts for a bit at least. 

Beauty60 is coming up this weekend and I have two items that will be on sale exclusive to the event, bot new releases priced at 60L for each, which is an amazing steal! 

I will also be participating in a couple of other events and, of course, try to do a weekend new release promo at least once this month. 

Be sure to follow my blog and also don't forget to stop by the store to check out new group gifts, group joins for other shopping groups like Fab Free and SL Mesh heads catalogue, etc. Be sure to peek at the discount section because I will often place items there. Also, I will be updating my Marketplace soon as well to be sure I have the latest items there. Whew! Ok that was a mouthful :) 

I am looking forward to continuing as much as I can, and hoping that my laptop doesn't give out! 

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