Saturday, October 2, 2021

Boo! Bunny Hunt Second Life


Yay! It is my favorite time of the year.. October.. because that means Halloween is coming! 
The Boo!Bunny Hunt starts on Oct 3rd and runs through to the end of the month. You will be looking for pieces of candy hidden in each creators store. 

For this Boo! Bunny Hunt, I've put out this full set of eyes for all you hunters. 
This set comes with my usual 3 Applier HUDs and BOM layers. 
They are unisex, and come with two versions, one with veins in the sclera and one without. 
and as you all might now, I don't usually hide things too well .. call me silly but I WANT you guys to find my gifts and enjoy them! Be sure to look up, down and all around :) 

Check out the Evil Bunny Productions Boo! Bunny Hunt website for all the hints and items from all the creators.. but.. here is my hint.. 
"Even beasties make good besties!"

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