Saturday, November 8, 2014

someone like you...

Ah, winter is coming upon us, and the dark winter months casting us into memories of a brighter time. There's always something nice about bundling up and taking a walk in the quiet of the falling snow.. and, MoDanna delivers some awesome designs for the season. Whatever your style is, you can't go wrong with a wool coat and comfy stylish pants , now out @ Sad November :)  <33

Jacket: MoDanna☆ Bruine Collection - Whool Coats
✔ Rigged mesh + Alpha layer
✔ 5 SL standard sizing
✔ 5 colors

pants: MoDanna☆ Brume Collection - Buttoned Up Jeans
✔ Rigged mesh + Alpha layer
✔ 5 SL standard sizing
✔ 6 colors

hair: Damselfly, Tinsley

shoes: Apple May Designs, Simply  stilettos

poses: Label Motion

taken @ the MoDanna Main Store :)

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