Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lovely Sweetness at Deluxe Body Factory

Gorgeous new skin out at Deluxe Body Factory..and its a group gift! The group is 299L to join but you will also get access to the past group gifts, plus exclusives in the future. I got so excited I made a shape for it! lols.. I love seeing new skins and making shapes for them; I may put this up on Marketplace. What do you think?  It seemed to work well with a few other skins too but it really works well with this one :) The skin is just lovely, and I loved the attention to the details of the face. Wonderful Group Gift! Really worth checking out :) 

skin: Deluxe Body Factory, Shawna, Group Gift

hair: Analog Dog, 42 in dark blondes

eyes: IKON, Lucid Eyes in Hazel

teeth layer: Wow skins

shape: Made by me :) 

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