losing the game

So, today in the US was the Superbowl. Now, I would not normally give it much thought except that this time, my hometown team, the Seahawks, were playing. They were doing so well.. set to win, and then.. oh.. well.. lets just say, they played the wrong play at the wrong time. So sad! But, we were in a very close game and two good teams gave it their all. I never really watch football, but, I HAD to watch this one :) So yea, I'm behind on this Lazy Sunday item but  I figured, better late than never. MoDanna's lovely long tunic blouse was too pretty to not blog. So, if you are still in the earlier time zones, go get it at MoDanna's main store for only 75L. 

tunic: MoDanna for Lazy Sunday @ Their mainstore (goes through midnight tonight SLT)

hair: MINA hair, Seleina

skin: Lumae, Star skin for Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt

necklace: Pure Poison, group gift, free to join 


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