when I look into your eyes...

"as if you were on fire from within
The moon lives in the lining of your skin" 
Pablo Neruda

When I talk with new folks who just join SL and they ask me what they should get to upgrade their avatar, I always say.."get a good skin, a good shape, nice hair and good eyes..don't ever skimp on the eyes!" While I may look for deals on hair and skins, I am willing to pay for good eyes, and ever since I discovered IKON eyes, I've not gone back. Good eyes are an essential part of photography in SL, in my opinion. I've seen some lovely avatars, only to zoom in and see flat eyes with little or no details to them. Its the little details that count, and IKON never disappoints :) 

As for skins, oh ladies! Skin fair is coming .... brace yourselves! It opens this Friday and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of .:Wow Skins:. new line that will debut there.. Ilenia. She's really gorgeous and with various tones to choose from, and all types of appliers available, from Omega to the new SweetLips, you really can't go wrong :) (see more pics below) 

The beauty of SL is that you really have so many choices, and you can find what pleases you and makes you happy. In the end, its all about that isn't it? 

skin: Wow Skins, Ilenia skin, for Skin Fair 2015

eyes: IKON, Sovereign eyes,Glass new.. ! tyvm <3

eyelashes: alaskametro, Here Kitty lashes

teeth tattoo: Wow Skins 

hair: Exile, Young and Beautiful

shape: My own

necklace: Izzie's, camera necklace (older in-store purchase) 


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