a poem

"She stood quietly, in the semi light of the dying sun,
 in the ruins of the castle by the sea..
and she closed her eyes, his memory as real as if he was there..
 tasting him
still on her tongue,
his kisses like a brand on her skin.
His arms wrapped tight around her ,
 she lost herself in his scent, of everything strong and real,
of musk and heat and lust..
the memory of him so lucid, so strong,
she could feel his hands as they pulled her to him,
and sough out her curves and valleys...
the heat of his skin enveloped her even as his strong arms held her.
His words cascaded in her memory
like falling stars,
inciting in her a wave of passion so strong,
she felt her knees give way...
 how his lust took her,
claimed her,
and how his presence was marked indelibly on her skin.
He had opened the floodgates of her soul
with just one word,
her whispered name on his lips...
and all she could think was.. "please don't go.."
as she opened her eyes,
and once more cast her eyes to the sea. "



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