The Drow Princess

"A very long time ago, in a world that only exists in the mists of the evening dew, there lived a beautiful elven girl, who fell in love with a human boy. Their love blossomed, but, as humans do, his heart grew hungry for human needs.. gold and silver and things that shone. But, he remembered how lovely and pure his first love was, and they often met, and she took him to her realm, wandered along the dark caves and the meadows and the sun and the evening mists.. but, he came less and less, until one day.. he came no more. And she cried, her tears diamonds in the dew of the morning, each one more precious than the sun. She captured them, and thought that perhaps she could tempt him back with them, since he loved things that shone. She walked to his realm, through the labyrinth of the in between worlds. 

But the boy who had grown in to a man, had forgotten his pure boyish love, and had grown to love a human woman, cold to the magic of the other realms. In the night, she came to him.."I brought you my tears, diamond more precious than the sun..". Little did she know that he would trap her in a silver cage, taking the diamonds from her every time they fell..

Outraged, she was hidden in the darkness, and her lovely elven skin turned dark, like soot, taking in the darkness that surrounded her. Until one night, the Moon felt sorry to see the lovely Princess trapped, and in her ever lasting kindness, cast her glow on the lovely girl, and the girl grew strong in that glow, breaking the cage that held her, freed from the bonds of the love that she craved. Escaping into the night, she closed her heart forevermore to the human boy that had thrown her away into the shadows and stolen her tears." 


skin: mangomoon, Drow skin 
with Slink, Omeg and Maitreya appliers
with teeth and not teeth options, regular eyebrows or white

eyes: IKON, Deadshine eyes

hair: Magika, Wait

top and bottom: Luas, Altair set, silver/blue (from 
past fantasy event)(sold on Marketplace)

ears: LemonTea Elven ears, pierced, chrome 
with skin tint HUD

mesh body: Maitreya


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