What's your Digits?

Ok, so I decided to do the What's Your Digits Meme again this year, and took on the suggestion from Strawberry Singh to discuss how mesh bodies have or haven't changed our shapes, or the impact that they have had on our SL lives, if any.

I may be unique in that I change shapes all the time..and not just different body measurements. I actually change the face as well.  I've really not been attached to one in about a year now.. slowly changing the look to accommodate my mood or the outfit I am wearing. I let go of the proprietary feeling I had on my shape and it was very liberating, actually. It allowed me to explore various options when it came to mesh parts and now mesh bodies. However, I decided to do this blog with my usual "Tess" shape for the sake of continuity.  You can read my answers below to the questions on her blog for the meme.

Do you currently own a mesh body? If so, do you wear it all the time or just once in a while? If not, skip to the fourth question.
  Yes, I do. I bought the Wowmeh mesh body first when it first came out, and it was a good precursor to the ones to come. I tried the demos of all the bodies, but my favorite hands down became Maitreya. I wear it occasionally, mostly when I do blog pics. 

What is your preferred mesh body available on the market right now? Maitreya. I find that it is the easiest to use and for me, the shape of the legs is the best compared to the rest. I also loved the hands and feet it came with. I liked the skins it comes pre-loaded, as I like wearing Glam Affair skins, so that was an easy choice. 

Have you changed your shape since you started wearing the body? – I have always been curvier, but I change my shape ALL THE TIME! I really do not have one shape I use; I switch it up. So, when I make a shape, I always make one to use with the mesh body. I find that I  can create a curvier body and actually have higher muscle and fat content and the body looks smooth and lovely as compared to the standard avatar body. 

my digits for wearing my Maitreya Lara Body

height 12
body thick 17
body fat 20
torso muscle 13
shoulder width 38
arm length 85
leg muscle 55
leg length 74
hip width 81
butt 51
saddle 18

When I do not wear a mesh body, my body fat is lower, usually closer to 9, and the torso muscle is about 24, and I usually do a leg muscle of between 48 and 50, as I find that I need to be less "full" when I am using the standard avi body in order to fit mesh clothing, and for the avatar body to look correct, at least to me. I like proportions, and generally try to go for a harmonious and feminine balance.

How do you feel about mesh bodies in general? I think they are a wonderful idea and wish that everyone would wear them, as they make photography so much easier, since they are smoother and need less editing/post-processing. 

What is one thing you would request from designers when it comes to mesh bodies? I would love to have the ability to change the look of the breasts; that is, perhaps have an edit mode to have a "push up" vs "natural" look. I love the way that the Lolas Tango breasts look, and would love to see a mesh body that incorporated them. 

Thank you Strawberry for continuing these memes! I really enjoy doing this one, and I hope to participate in more as time allows. 



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