he makes my heart stay young..

"Xavier had come home. After all the wanderings, he had returned to the one place that held his heart and soul.. the land of him mother's people, where his grandmother and grandfather had taught him to sing and dance in their language, and where he learned that he was loved. The reservation was that place for him. His home. His land. But, it was also where his dark side dwelled. Undiscovered secrets needed to be found and the whisperings in his heart needed to be brought to light."

shirt and pants: Vertigo, Ray outfit
with HUD for color change for pants and shirt, mesh

skin: LABYRINTH, Kent skin promo on MP
(the shape is from the skin but I modded it quite a bit to suit my taste)

hair: MINA, Selenia

dog tags: Mandala, Unisex dogtags


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