Monday, August 10, 2015

it leads just like a river runs...

"Your light it follows me in darkness
I'm trying hard but I can't win
And I've played the victim for a long long time
And I wanna grow up
From the rhythm a young, from the rhythm of a younger heart
It leads just like a river runs"

Bleachers, Like a River Runs

jacket: MoDAnna, [Aix] Collection, Cascade Leather jacket, mesh

shorsts: MoDanna, [Metz] Collection, High waisted mesh shorts

cross necklace: {W&R} Croix necklace
(this is an older item, could not locate her store in world.. so check out her MP store

dogtags: Mandala, Unisex dog tags

hair: CATWA, Sandy

body: Maitreya Mesh body, Lara, over my own shape

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