Friday, August 14, 2015

of mermaid's dreams...

"The mermaid had wanted to learn more of  the world of man, and had been so curious as to break the surface to spy on the young maiden and her love, a handsome boy with dark hair and sparkling blue eyes.
Why do you love him? she asked the young maiden.
Because he tells me the loveliest things, and his smile makes me melt, and his hands are strong and warm.. and when he holds me, I feel peace and protected. Said the young maiden. 

And the mermaid was puzzled... But don't you feel that all inside yourself? Why do you need someone to make you feel that? 

And the girl laughed, thinking the mermaid a silly water spirit who knew nothing of true love. 
Silly creature! laughed the girl Don't you know that a girl's 'upposed to have boy?You are 'upposed to grow up and be his love and have him take care of you. I am going to run away with him soon.. 

And the mermaid thought about the words that the young girl said, as she wandered the wondrous oceans, free and wild, her laughter making bubbles sparkle in the filtering sunlight.  So, she followed the young maiden, and then, on the night that she was supposed to run away with her dark haired boy, she came upon the sheltering of the rocks by the darkened beach, and saw the girl crying. Tears were barely known to the mermaid, but she could feel the hurt of the young maiden.. Why do you cry?
Are you not leaving with your true love tonight? 

I was, said the young maiden, but he never showed up. He promised me he would love me forever, and would cherish and hold me... and he never showed up. 

And the mermaid struggled to understand that hurt.. and she felt for her sweet maiden girl. 
In my world, you don't need a boy to make you happy.. you are wild and free and happy everywhere you are, all on your own. I can take you with me.. 

And, as the story is told, the young maiden was never seen again. Some thought she left the town out of hurt of losing her young suitor, some thought she simply drowned. 

But, in the summer nights, when the moon hangs low, and the seas breezes bring the sounds of far away, the sailors swear they hear the tinkling of laughter filled with such happiness that even they want to dive in the dark waters to find it.. 

And no one sees the two lovely mermaids, in their sparkling scales, as they wander the wide oceans free and wild.. "

skin: Lumae, Ianthe @ Enchantment in SL... a must see!
with appliers for mesh bodies, bums and boobs as well as mesh heads
and there is a bonus too with the Enchantment.. there is also a hunt!
check out her blog for more info!

hair: Exile, Jill, Hair Fair 2015 gift

eyes: IKON

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