Sunday, September 20, 2015

A photographer's dream...

As far as poses go, I have my faves for blogging and my faves for just plain story telling. Often they mix depending on the mood of the photograph or the story I am telling.

I know few pose makers, and  I also appreciate the effort put into making poses. Ironically, I've never tried my hand at making them, mostly because I am blessed to have friends and creators who make them for me soooo much better than I ever could :)

[Im.POSE.Able] is a new line of poses created by Truvane Kanya, a dear and sweet friend of mine, and I have been lucky to be the photographer for many of them. Often I am the tester for his poses, so I know they fit my avi perfectly well. He's been awesome to create some custom poses for me, and for that I am a lucky lucky girl.

His new store is opening in-world soon, and his Marketplace has been filling up with his stuff all ready for you to buy. So, if you are a photography lover like me or a blogger, do yourself a favor and check out his stuff. From couples poses to singles and fantasy, like the one above, you will surely find a gem for your own creations.  Check out below a few of his couples poses...Happy Shopping!

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