I always behave, just not always well...

 "The Taurus woman is extremely captivating in the bedroom. Her lovers are often surprised by her virtuosity, expecting a steady, plodding physical relationship but finding an intense sexual being instead. She likes her play times to be brightened up with conversations, and sly seductions. Even so, it's less about what you say than about what you do that's important to her. Taureans treat sex as fantasy land, a way of escaping from the more mundane aspects of life, and yet still manage to bring a whole lot of earthiness to the mix. She takes pleasure in the warmth of physical contact, but her more adventurous side might require prompting. Don't think boring because her stamina is unmatched."

corset: I<3F for Kinky Monthly, vintage corset with skirt

skin: Stix, Hera

hair: Tameless, Vita

eye: IKON

shoes: Reign


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