Friday, October 16, 2015

Of Gods and Monsters...

I was honored to be asked to show some of my art work with a collaborative of artists from the Transylvania Art Series at the Vampyre Cultural Center in Second Life. While I have not done many public shows lately, I still do like to create. I have chosen to blog to release some of my creative energy but every so often I will take on the challenge for a bit more.. and this was really just  waiting to come out. There is a lot of allegory and allusion to many themes here, but mainly the concept of the heavenly and the earthly, of the violence perpetrated in the name of "God" and the concept of dark fantasy and horror blending into something that pulls you in despite you wanting to look away. 

I want to thank the creators who make the lovely and amazing things we wear and use for our photos and art. This piece would not have been possible without the creations from the following: 

Tattoo: Endless Pain, Alariel

mask: Psycho Byts, Demon War Mask

hair: Argrace, Azame

tongue: Aii, The Ugly and The Beautiful 
long tongue pack

Wings: DeathRow Designs, Divine Wings

body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body over my own shape

hands: Slink, elegant

pose: Del May

To these creators I am eternally grateful as their work allows me to create my art. As I always have said, SL is only as good as the amazing creations that are in it. Than you :) 

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