The Fallen...

"They don't tell you how empty it feels.. when you are cast down. There is this hollowness.. this total and complete lack of connection to the Light. Its a coldness that seeps through you, spreads and crawls into your veins as they weave their flesh around you. And when you first hear your heartbeat, its like a thousand drums in your head, an incessant pounding that you want to stop at all costs. He said, "You have a job to do.. It will not be easy, but you are one of my strongest soldiers...remember I love you still". Love. So this is how love feels, as you crawl though the dirt and mud, suddenly learning to breathe through your new lungs... desperate to feel Him, to feel that Light warm you, only to know that you are no longer in Heaven, but a new kind of Hell... Earth."

Skin: Stix, Broken Parts in Cream

outfit: Flippant, Oh My Goth, with corset, skirt and boots
corset and skirt are mesh and work really well with the Maitreya body
with a color changing HUD
also includes necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring
and a tattoo with system layers and appliers, <33

hair: Argrace


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