keep calm...

So I've been having issues with my Firestorm Viewer and its ability to run on my Mac. Lately its been torturous to even take a photo, which makes me very sad, since its one of the few ways I have been able to find to express my creativity in SL. I've told myself to keep all things in perspective, and to look for some ways that this can be fixed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and keeping calm, like this cute tank set from TASHI says :) Unfortunately, chocolate bunnies are not in my diet so I guess I can substitute that with some fruit ^_^ .  See details for links and info on my outfit.. Happy Shopping! xoxo Tessy

with HUD to change colors and designs
(see below for the other designs)

skin: WOW skins, Romy

hair: Exile, Cozy Winter Nights

shorts: Blueberry


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