Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lumae at Skin Fair 2016

EEEEEEE! Lol.. that's pretty much what I said when I saw the new skin by Lumae, Eirtae, that you can find at the Skin Fair 2016 beginning tomorrow, March 11th.  

For this skin, there are 8 tones to choose from from pale to dark, and each one is lovely in its own right.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.. there are a lot this time! I wanted to show the tones and how they look on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink bodies, as well as the Logo and Lelutka faces and the default Avi head as well. (This is how I will most likely be doing my next few skin blog posts, and then play around with ways to really showcase the creators work.)

Although I love my mesh heads, I still really don't use them exclusively, so its nice to see creators making these gorgeous skins for our default avis too! The skin look amazing on Lelutka and Logo by the way.  All photos below are raw SL images, just cropped.

All the above were shot on the Maitreya Lara body. The first pic in each row shows the skin with the freckles option, Milk (top) and Tawny (bottom). In case you want to know, the hair in these collages is from Magika, called Serene, and I used IKON eyes for all these pics. I also wore the included eyelash tattoo for the system avi skin.

please note below what is included in each skin pack
SYSTEM SKINS for use with default avatar
+ 3 Cleavage options
+ Full body freckle options
Tones 1 - 6 have 6 eyebrow colours
Tones 7 and 8 have 5 eyebrow colours
Tones 9 and 10 have 4 eyebrow colours

+ Maitreya
+ Belleza
+ SLink
+ Omega
+ The Mesh Project

+ LeLutka
+ SLink
+ Omega
+ Catwa

+ Loud Mouth
+ Nyam Nyam
+ Sweetlips
+ Soul

Also included :
+ Leevi Ears in matching skin tones
+ Soul Ears Appliers in matching skin tones
+ Modifyable Shape
+ Eyelash Tattoo Layers for System Skin

 This is on the Belleza body..

And this is on the Slink Hourglass body..

As you can see, they look amazing on each of these bodies, but please always be sure to try a demo for whatever body you do wear. Lumae is very generous in including appliers with her skins. 

Below are photos of the skin appliers for Logo Alex Mesh head and then LeLutka Stella Mesh heads.

 I hope that you liked the pose and at least get a good idea of what the skins look like in SL. I will be doing more skin posts like this too, showing post processed pics and pics that are "raw". I enjoyed it and I hope you get a chance to check out Skin Fair 2016!
Happy Shopping.... xoxo, Tessy

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