Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Wicked One....

 "He walked into the room, the dark shadows in the abandoned gardener's cottage would make anyone think twice about coming inside. Dank and cold, the sun's rays could only be seen at high noon, as its beams would cascade through the high overgrown trees bordering the garden and cottage.

He knew she was there, in the shadows.. watching the dying sun, her form hidden from mortals view by glamour, magic.. an invisible shimmer to the passing glance. But he knew. He heard the sound of laughter, soft, still.. childlike yet ephemeral. The scent of vanilla and sandalwood hung faintly in the moist air, and he inhaled, closing his eyes and relishing that all-too well known scent.

"I know you are here.." his voice echoed in the stillness.

A hushed whisper.. a flutter of a dove as it escaped through the rafters. His eyes searched the shadows..

"Say it.. say my name.." he heard behind him, infront.. all around him. He knew she was trying to disorient him, seduce him with her voice.. that sweet, innocent, honey coated voice.

And, he knew that once he said her name, she would appear. She had no choice but to show herself.. as all magical creatures know, their name holds power. To know an immortals true name was to render them your servant, to hold their leash, so to speak. Her name was his incantation for her.
His prayer to a darker side.
His invocation of lust.
Of love..

He spoke.. her name rolled off his tongue, and like a magic spell, it called her forth.. and there she was, her pale flesh swathed in a black gown, her long raven locks over her shoulder. She stood facing the windows, away from him, turned a little to look over her shoulder.
Perfectly female.
Perfectly feminine.
and perfectly wicked.

"Have you been a bad girl tonight?" he asked, his deep voice perfectly clipped by his British accent. She shivered, closing her eyes, and a small smile curled her blood coated lips.

"Yes.." she said simply, then opened her eyes to look at him, and he knew...
It was going to be...


dress: MoDANNA, Group Gift, leather gown
with various fits for mesh bodies and standard sizes

hair: Little Bones, Pavillion

body tattoo: White Widow, Tombstone for Women

necklace and earrings: Indulge Temptation, Keep Calm and Triangles set
face tattoo: Stix, Viking 2 Black,  tattoos for Totally Top Shelf (one of four)

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