Saturday, May 14, 2016


Kaerri has created this fully furnished mesh house that I simply adored. The ultra modern design with touches of steampunk, punk rock and lovely lines is easy to live in. There are two versions of this house, furnished and unfurnished. I've chosen the furnished version for this post. As you can see, the touches of whimsy with the art on the walls, and the lovely little patio space outside for guests, to the spiral staircase all create a simple yet elegant atmosphere.  The furniture comes with animations and the bed is set up for adults. I could totally see this house in Arizona or even in the bluffs of Hollywood Hills. Even the colors have a bit of that desert feel to them. Be sure to check out this awesome house as well as her other work at her maistore.. I am sure you will find something to suit all your decorating needs! 

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