Saturday, July 2, 2016


I am sure all of us diehard SL addicts remember the emoter huds back in the day prior to mesh heads right? They were always sort of goofy looking to me, so I never did much with them, except when I was joking around with friends. With the advent of mesh heads, we have had a vast improvement in our expressions, and while I still hedge towards not using expressions very often, I do love how the smiles have evolved. 
In this case, I love what *Shake* has done by creating a teeth applier that allows you to choose from bare clean teeth, to braces and diamonds. Because you don't always have to be so serious in SL, and should smile once in a while! :)

And, who doesn't love a good makeup applier? I tend to like smoky looks, so when I saw this from LePunk, I just fell in love. There is enough smoky darkness to satisfy me but with a pop of color to make it fun.  Check out the links below to see where you can get this look..

I hope you all have a great start to your weekend! much love...

xoxo Tessy
face: Catwa, Candy mesh head

skin appliers: Lara Hurley, Gia applier, for Summefest

eyeshadow applier: LePunk Elena eyeshadow
for Catwa mesh heads only

teeth appliers: *Shake* 
realistic mouth appliers for teeth

eyes: IKON 

hair: YumYum Barber

*note that these images have almost zero editing, just cropped and blurred the background. They were taken using Strawberry Singh Closeup windlight on ultra settings, as I wanted to show how these mouth appliers and eyeshadow appliers worked inworld*

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