Wednesday, August 17, 2016

{Wicked} Eternity

"You once said I was as close to perfection as to be indistinguishable from it.." she said in a hushed tone. Her back was to him, her eyes fixed on the still, dark water beyond the decaying garden and mausoleum. She could sense him, sense his warmth, his humanity, so enticing... she closed her eyes and took a deep, steadying breath. Her pale skin nearly glowed in the moonlight. She knew he was staring at her, his eyes had not left her form since he arrived. His image was burned into her mind such that she never needed to see him really.. all she had to do was think of his deep dark skin, his broad shoulders, smooth wide lips, deep brown eyes, and her mind would call him forth, a perfect rendering of desire.

He took a step forward, one hand reaching out. She spun around, her preternatural speed stopping him in his tracks.

"don't", was all she said. One simple word, heavy with warning. Her eyes glowed, and her fangs bared just over her slightly parted lips.  He stopped. She had never done that before, she had never refused him.
He heeded her warning, and backed off a few steps.
"I did say that.. " His voice was deep, a lovely velvety smooth tone that caressed her insisdes, melted her.. rendered her.  "and you always will be".

"Liar." she countered, her voice not quavering, not showing the deep need she still felt. She would never show that again. Ever.

"no,Tess,  I did not lie," his voice reached her. "I meant every word.." Tess turned, her eyes once more focused on the water beyond.

"then how do you leave perfection?"  she said after a few moments of heavy silence.
"with great difficulty" he said, his voice heavy with resignation, as if a thousand chains had wrapped around him. She saw as she turned slightly, his shoulders sag just a little bit, his eyes looked down at the concrete.
"I am sorry.. " he started to speak, but she stopped him.
"No you're not.. You are not sorry.. " her body was next to him now, her hand on his chest as he eyes held his. "You. Are. NOT. Sorry." she said once more, her teeth gritted, her eyes glowing a deep shade of ethereal blue green. "You got exactly what you wanted.. your dream, every fantasy fulfilled.. every deep, dark, filthy desire come to life. But its not as easy as it sounds is it, my darling?" Her voice lowered, huskier now.. dangerously wicked.
"It got.. complicated didn't it? you discovered that there was a heart, a soul, and love suddenly stared right at you, and you ran. You ran as far away as you could because now it was no longer just a lover, but a soul that was staring back at you, and your had to see yourself reflected in those eyes..." she stared at him and spoke every word with righteous anger, steady, cold and calculating."Coward" she finally said, pushing him away with a sneer on her lovely lips.

He stumbled slightly, wincing as he heard her last word. Spinning around she held herself straight, regal, elegant in her stance, easy yet with incredible strength flowing in every limb.
"this is the last time you will see me.. Ever. Understand this. I am NOT coming back, even if you are dying, in pain, hurt, or desperate. You have chosen to cut that connection.. YOU have chosen this. The consequence of your decision will be yours and yours alone. As of tonight, you are not just dead to me. You will be as if you never existed." Her eyes held his in her final statement now. "everything that you ever were to me is now gone. Erased. And... everything that I was to you will be gone as well.. all you will remember is a longing.. a need unfulfilled, and a yearning for something just out of reach, in the shadows.. hidden from you...  For eternity.. and, darling, eternity is a mighty long time".

Suddenly she was gone. All he could remember was a bright light, then.. emptiness. An emptiness so poignant that he wept, his tears falling on the cold concrete of the empty mausoleum. And that's how it was. That longing was always there, never abating. Every day he was reminded of something, a knowing that he had once had everything.. and lost it.

Eternity, darling, is a mighty long time.

dress: Alien Gizmos, Veronica Dress with texture changing HUD, 
mesh, with fits for Maitreya and Slink

necklace: Indulge Temptation, A Little Faith, with texture/color change HUD, mesh

hair: Magika,
Honey Whiskey

head: Catwa, Candy head

skin applier: Glam Affair

tattoo: Queen of Ink, Medusa

eyes: IKON, Deadshine eyes

bloody nose applier: Clemm

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