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Well, I am a bit behind schedule this month with my blogging.. :( I had hoped to have most of this post finished by the beginning of this week but RL just didn't let me. Hallowee, kids, costumes, carving pumkins and time with friends and family, time flew by! But, here it is, finally. Better late than never!  The goodies from i'piteme are just really fun and though they don't come as an outfit, they fit great together. The cat I am holding by {PSYCHO Byts} is something you can either win or buy using the Hocus Pocus hud. This teleports you to the participating stores, and you can then say "hocus pocus" and you can win the prize! I did it yesterday and won three of the prizes. It was fun and fast too!  Get your hud on the marketplace (see link below) and just go and have fun:) 
cat: {PSYCHO Byts}, Familiar Cat for Hocus Pocus...
Event Dates: Oct 24th - Nov 4th
Gallery: https://hocuspocussl.wordpress.com/

From Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hocus-Pocus-2016-Preview-and-Teleport-HUD/10185808

(You don’t need the HUD to play it, but it makes it easier to TP :D)
How to Play
TP to any of the stores listed in the HUD
Say “hocus pocus” in local chat. Case sensitive, it must be “hocus pocus” (without quotation marks) or it won’t work. So no HoCuS PoCuS or HOCUS POCUS.
Depending on your magic, you may or may not get the item for free!
One chance per avatar, per 24 hours. Or you can buy the item for 50L for the duration of the event.
The minimum probability of winning is 30%. You can check the probability by looking at the bottle’s description field.
Good luck and have fun!

eyes: Mesange, Sidonie
mini pack exclusive to 
The Deisgner Circle.. running from Oct 23rd to Nov 5th.
....go go now before it ends!

tattoo: PinUps Style
Ainda Tattoo Exclusive for SUICIDE DOLLS
APPLIERS Belleza - Maitreya - Omega
  Compatible Mesh Bodies: Belleza - Maitreya - Ebody - Slink - EVE

top: i'piteme, Fanny tied top, mesh fits for
Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Tonic and TMP

leggings: i'piteme, pentagram tights,
appliers, Omega, Belleza and Maitreya

shorts: i'piteme , Soft Leather shorts, fits for Maitreya
Slink and Belleza

shoes: i'piteme  , 
Bat Bow Platforms, for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza

skin appliers: amara beauty, Kandi, Ivory tone for Catwa Mesh head
(looks lovely on other heads too!)

 hair: Magika,
pose prop by Exposeur on Marketplace only 


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