Sunday, October 16, 2016

{Tales of the Interstellar Bounty Hunter} What do you mean you ate all the donuts?

"What's that on your chin?" she eyed her companion with a steely gaze.
"Nothing.." he said casually, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and shrugging.
She walked up to him, her eyes not moving, her hips swaying.
click... the sound of her boots on the concrete echoing off the walls of the deserted street. It was past midnight on earth.
She was hunting down a particularly nasty Altherian criminal, and she was tired from the long trip through space.
And hungry.
She was hungry. Space rations were not the best after a few thousand light years.
"Those are donut crumbs... and.. " she wiped her finger across his lip..."sprinkles".
He gulped.
"Mo*therf*cker " she cursed softly under her breath, but enough for him to hear. He winced.  
"Babe.. chill.. they will make more.. " he said as he casually held her waist, hoping his boyish charm would be able to distract her enough to avoid injury.
He heard her take a breath, almost like a very soft gasp, her eyes becoming slits on her gorgeously sculpted face. And those lips.. those full soft red lips.. Damn he wanted to devour those.
The slap across his face brought him back to reality.
"ouch! You slapped me!"
She spun around and unholstered her weapon, her eyes scanning the darkened street. Her back was straight and her hand flexed on her gun.
Glancing over her shoulder she spoke.. "next time, I'll stun you and drop you in the cargo hold .. now wipe that look of indignation off your face and start scanning the street.. we have a job to do for f*cks sake."

Bolero and bustier: Dafnis,  Jaden bolero and Valerie Bustier, 
mesh with fits for
Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, as well as Tonic bodies, Eve, TMP and 
default SL sizes includes color changing HUD

hair: Exile, Rise Above

shorties: Nightmare, Gothic shorties, 
mesh with fits for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink
(only on Marketplace)
head: Catwa, Tumble mesh head

skin appliers: Glam Affair, Aurelia applier

eyes: IKON

tatto: I<3F

socks: UrbanChic, thigh high appliers

(holsters no longer available)

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