Monday, October 10, 2016

{The Hunter Diaries} The Last Goodbye

 "Freaks.." she muttered as she stood and glanced around the delapidated cabin. "who the hell collects vampire teeth as trophies.. f*cking freaks.. "
She glanced around the room, books piled up on the floor, books on shelves, all dedicated to the supernatural.  Swords ,knives, stakes, holy water.. books on angels, werewolves, and other shifters were scattered in between religious volumes.
The old priest was standing by the fireplace, his pipe left askance on the mantle, his hands stretched out, trying to catch a bit of the warmth the fire offered. He was painfully slim, his body slightly hunched over, covered in a warm tweed coat. He chuckled as he heard her. "The same freaks that are hunting your kind still.. its best you know their ways so as to not fall prey to them" he said with his slightly raspy voice and ever so faint Romani accent. His dark eyes twinkled as he glanced up at Tess, then his body was wracked by a hard coughing fit, and she was at his side, supporting his bony shoulders as she led him to his armchair.
She furrowed her brows as she tucked a warm blanket around him, kneeling at his feet. He was cold, despite the oppressive heat in the room. She looked up at him and smiled, a gentleness in her face that she rarely showed to anyone, in stark contrast to her recently acquired scars.
"I can make it all go away you know." she said, raising her hand to cup his hollowed out cheeks. His skin was paper thin, fine wrinkles crisscrossed all over his face. He raised his hand and gently touched hers.
"My dear sweet friend.. you know I cannot. It is not my way.. it is yours." His eyes flooded her with kindness and she fought back tears.
Yes, vampires could cry..
His eyes closed slightly, and his hand held hers. "my time is close.. " he said to her, a peaceful smile crossing his thin lips.  Tess bit her lip to stop the flood of refusal to believe that.. She knew better.
His eyes focused on hers.
"Promise me.. that you will not put yourself in harms way..that you will not let revenge harden your heart " his voice was weaker now, and his breathing was slowing. Tess could sense him fading. "Take this." he said as he handed her a leather bound book. "It is my personal journal, all my notes on what I have learned about your kind, about the Brotherhood.. its all in there.. for your safekeeping.. and my friend.. don't forget.. you are a child of God, and He and I love you..  " he said finally.

Tess held his body for a long time. Then, taking him and carrying him to his bed, she stretched him down on his old cot and covered him with a blanket, reciting in Latin the old prayers he had taught her. Anointing him, and laying a cross on his chest, she kissed his forehead, eyes and lips before she stood and left him to go into the night.

Goodbyes were hard. Especially the final ones.

clock: Noctis, Locust Grove kitchen clock

vampire hunter set: SouZou Eien, Incase of emergency wall hanging, trophy set teeth, and
vampire hunter supply set, mesh
( I have to say that when I saw these, I fell in love ! Highly detailed and they 
add so much to your decor.. <3)

bodysuit: pixicat, Necromancer
includes fits for Maitreya, Slinks, Freya and Venus mesh bodies

eyes: Mesange, Ghost eyes @  Bodify
exclusive for this round
the glamour pack includes Omega hud as well as
a hud for Genesis eyes, and the usual mesh eyes and system eyes, which
includes 15 different colors

bloody face/chest: the crone, corruption, Omega face and body applier, as well
as Maitreya body applier @ We Love Role Play

hair: Moon, Tennessee mesh hair

head: Catwa, Amelie mesh head

skin appliers: Glam Affair
past gacha

desk: DRD, Writer's desk, past gacha

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