Wednesday, November 23, 2016

once upon a magic life..

We<3Role Play is still going on and you still have a chance to find some lovely things for your role play needs. Be sure to stop by before it ends next week!

 Designer Circle is up and running and Mesange has its beautiful set of eyes, The Listener eyes, out. These are probably my favorite by Mesange so far.  I decided I wanted to try out the Catwa Alice mesh head, and I have to admit, it is quickly becoming my favorite. I know Bento heads are the future now and I am certainly going to test them out. SL is a truly magical and creative world.... Remember, there is always room for more magic.. don't ever let that go :

"In the hollow hills the old ones throng
And click their bones to the ceildgh song
The banshee wails in the darkling night
As the fair folk dance till the morning light

(The fair folk dance, the fair folk sing
As the fair folk step in the magic ring
Tread not here till the light of day lest
The fair folk steal your soul away)

Seven years spent out of time
And all was lost that once was mine
I tarried once and listened long
To the echoes of the fair folk’s song"

Heather Dale, The Fair Folk

jewelry set with crown: Zibska, Heike
with color changing HUD

dress: Evies Closet, Angharad gown, mesh
@ WE<3RP November

eyes: Mesange, The Listener Eyes, mini set @ Designer Circle round 143

hair: Truth, Sugar, VIP group gift
this has a fee to join but you will receive exclusive group gifts about
once a month.

head: Catwa, Alice mesh head

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