Saturday, December 31, 2016

let your faith die, and bring your wonder...

This is the last day of 2016, and as I started shooting for this post, I started thinking about all that has happened, both personally and in our world this past year. The song for the lyrics below has kept me inspired in humanity through some of the darkest times.  Yes, I am only one, but, if I lift my eyes, I see others just like me, and together we can make this world better.  This is what I am teaching my children.. they are aware of the hate and anger that exists, make no mistake. In order to fight an enemy, you need to understand it well. But I am also teaching them that their kindness, their drive to make the world better, their friendships with people of other countries and races, their love of the earth can and will change things for the better.
"If you are afraid,
Give more
If you are alive
Give more now.
Everybody here has seams and scars
So what. Level up.
Let your faith die
Bring your wonder
Yes, you are only one
No, it is not enough—
But if you lift your eyes,
I am your brother

And this is all we need
And this is where we start
This is the day we greet
This is the day, no other."
Vienna Teng 

2016 has shown some of the worst of humanity, and in those moments some of the best. Wars, power and corruption and greed, coupled with fear of the unknown, have always been around, and always will be, sadly. Change starts small. It only takes one person to stop believing in the same dogma they have for years, and to start looking at the world through a child's eyes.. full of wonder and amazement and curiosity. A smile, a kindness, reaching out to help someone, even if it is in the smallest of way.. that's where it all starts. 

I dream of a world where women  in all countries truly have access to the same education and jobs that men do, where women are not viewed just as sexual objects, are not bought and sold as sex slaves, and where men stand up for the rights of all women and children. I dream of a world where real men care, and protect the vulnerable, and uphold the freedoms inherent to all, despite creed, color or socio-economic status.

I don't want everyone to be like me. Whatever you call your God, don't let that make you hate another human being because they don't worship in the same building. Don't use faith as an excuse to murder and annihilate an entire culture. The good people of all nations need to rise and show that goodness through actions. Good is powerful beyond measure.. it is a force onto itself. All it takes is one simple action, one choice.. put down the weapons. Think. Think for yourself... Level up.

May 2017 bring the Force of Good.

 lounger: Earthworx, Leather Lover lounge chair,  mesh, with singles 
and couples animations, only 99L! This is a lovely piece, with 
lots of options and really great for small spaces.

hair: Lamb

jacket: Addams, Military jacket

head: Catwa, Alice Mesh head

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