Thursday, December 1, 2016

run a fingertip along the edges of my fantasies..

 "Start with my mind, 
Touch me there first. 
Run a fingertip along the edges of my fantasies
Learn where the sharp, unexpected edges are, 
and revel in the feel of each deviant curve. 
Pick one up and play with it. 
Trace a long, meandering path 
through the depths of my desire
until you know it as well as your own" 

seat and ottoman: .birch. Mercy seat and ottoman with built in poses
@ Kinky Monthly

hair: Ayashi, Shizuru hair
@ Kinky Monthly

body suit and cuffs: Luas, Hurricane, includes blindfold, mesh 
fitted for
@ Kinky Monthly

shoes: Reign, Platform Heels, past FLF

head: Catwa, AnnaGrey mesh head

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