Sunday, December 4, 2016

Winter's Handmaiden...

 "And so it came to pass that every first moon in December, Thalana, the Winter Goddess of the Northern Lands would begin the ritual of resting the earth and all its creatures to sleep in the darkness of the Winter Moon.  The Festival of the First Snows was celebrated throughout the lands, and the people would honor their lovely goddess with tributes, song and dance. Children would leave little winter cakes at the front doors of their homes, women would leave the first winter's milk out in tribute, and rosemary sprigs would be left all around, as they were said to entice good fortune from her.  She was said to be small in statute but powerful, her skin the color of porcelain, and her eyes the deep blue of the fjords of the north. From her hands flowed the Winter Winds, wild and fierce. Yet her voice held the power to hush the earth to sleep, and she would oft be found, it was said, in the deep woods under the light of the Winter Moon, her voice the softest lullaby, calling the living core of the earth to rest..
and so it begins... let the magic come.."
horns: DeviousMind, Duneyrr winter horns, in two colors with or without strings

eyeshadow: Zibska, Sirra eye makeup with Omega and TMP huds

eyes: .Astrae., Frostfell eyes, mesh with texture/color Change HUD and 
eye effects as well as size HUD
gift !

dress: Sweet Kajira, Neus dress, fitted mesh for Maitreya
and the necklace is a free gift!

hair: Calico, Melanthe mesh hair, a pretty updo with detachable bangs

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