Sunday, February 5, 2017

ninety nine red balloons...

 Happy Sunday everyone! I am tickled pink for this particular post because I get to post some really cool stuff from LePunk and omg the boots from ArisAris.. loooove! There are more pics below too, so keep scrolling!

 LePunk has always had cute, gothy and sassy styles and this top is no different. The  maxi sweater fits Belleza, Slink and Maitreya bodies, and comes in a variety of textures. I dont' think I'm taking it off for a while ^_^

LePunk has makeup for Catwa heads, and also a new set of yes that are just wow.. super lovely! The lipstick applier is an ombre style, and the eye makeup is just perfectly blended.

These eyes are the Amaris eye set, and are mesh eyes, with a color changing HUD. They fit perfectly on my Catya bento head, and also on all my other mesh heads with very minimal adjusting. The reflections and depth in these are gorgeous.

The boots.. well.. lets just say I clapped and did a happy dance when I saw them. They fit perfectly on my Maitreya body, and the coolest part is that they come with a HUD that has so many combinations of colors and looks, just like so many of ArisAris' creations. They really put effort in making designs that are versatile and work with almost any look.  And, they also provide many of their creations for Tonic body fits! Double yay!

These boots can be textured as a whole, or you can change the middle, shoe or top portion of the boots a different color, so you really have an endless array of looks. Do yourself a favor and go get them... you will be glad you did!  


eyes: LePunk, Amaris mesh eyes with texture HUD

eyeshadow: LePunk
Eire shadow set
for Catwa heads

lipstick: LePunk, Ombre lip applier for Catwa

top: LePunk, Maxi Sweater, 
with fits for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya

boots: ArisAris, Fighter boots
with texture HUD, fits for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP, eBody, standard
 and Tonic

skin: Atomic, Elf Skin, gacha (you can find in on MP through various
resellers and here is a link to one) 
There are three tones, and I am wearing Porcelain. 

hair: Truth, Ember

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