Sunday, February 12, 2017

[Wicked] Bloodmoon Rising

I never wanted to be this.
I didn't want to hunt every night, seeking my prey as the world sleeps.
I didn't ask for it.

The night I died, I was just a girl. In the wrong place, at the wrong time. The vampyr that witnessed my dying found me just before I had crossed over to the Light. His powerful bite, his blood, his essence, infused into me. And when I woke, I was like him.

Vampyr. Monster. Reviled and hated.
He took me in, cared for me, and showed me what I had become. I hated it and loved it. Despised it and craved it. In my anger and disgust I dove deeper into the darkness, a witness to the unspeakable.  I decided that if I was a monster, then I was going to BE the monster. Taking my pleasure in the hunt, the chase, the look of horror in my victims eyes when they realized what was about to happen... and then the pure extasy as I drank their life essence. Warm, delicious and oh so alive.

But deep down, I knew I was not that. And so I came back to him, my Vampire father.. lover.. friend.
My Vincent.
He held me up when others would have cast me away, and he guided me. As I aged, I became stronger. Wiser. He taught me how to hone my skills, and how to control them.
And he taught me that despite being who I was, I was still, deep down in my core.. the same girl that was before the monster came alive. 
He made it okay for me to love. To once more see beauty in what was once dark. To walk among the ones I once hunted.
Just as in the human world, there are those of us who choose the dark and revel in it, and there are those of us that choose the light and embrace it.

I chose the Light. I knew I was not human, and never would be. But, I knew how fragile life was, and vowed to always defend it and protect it. I was no longer the monster, but the guardian. I could not save every life, but even if I could only save one, it was enough.

After many years, I found many that were like me. We came together, often the lost and lonely ones, to create a union of sorts.. a home for those who chose the Light. We were often the outcast, hated by our own and hunted by the human world. We live in the shadows, in the line between dark and light. Our inner struggle hidden from all, yet plainly written in every scar we branded. 

Our rules were simple. Honor life. Hunt only the wicked. Protect the innocent. Our vampire brothers and sisters mocked us, called us an abomination. We were often hunted ourselves, and I lost many friends. As creatures like us became less and less, and humans took over, our kind retreated. Polarized between those that followed their inner monster, and those that controlled it.  Warriors were born. We became known for our silent and deadly skills. Summoned to protect kings and queens, we were the Shadow Warriors. 
But as humanity changed, so did we. Wars of old were no match for nuclear bombs. The modern world saw us scattered to the four corners of the world. Legends only. We became bedtime stories for children, tales written in dusty books hidden in dark library basements.

Until the day my Vincent was killed. My creator, lover and mentor.  That day I became the darkness again, my inner monster released.  Retribution was mine. I became the Vengeful One.  Seeking out the ones that took my Vincent, my inner monster reveled in the bloodlust.
And I hunted.
And I killed.
Every. Last. One.

And I was alone once more. 

jacket, skirt and boots: Maci
Carla outfit
mesh fits for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya, Tonic

hair: Lamb, Love in blondes

tattoo: PinUp ,
Philipa Tattoo for Darkness  Monthly Event
 ❀APPLIERS ❀ Belleza - Maitreya - Omega
❀ Compatible Mesh Bodies: Belleza - Maitreya - Ebody - Slink - EVE

eyes: LePunk, Amaris eyes
mesh, with HUD to change textures

lip appliers: kosmetik, Pucker lip gloss, Catwa and Omega appliers
@E L I T E

head: Catwa, Catya mesh head with my own shape

skin appliers: Glam Affair

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