Monday, June 12, 2017

Midnight Snack...

She glanced over her shoulder as Vincent walked in the room. His eyes moved around the room and caught sight of her kill, and he grimaced.

"The least you could do is clean up after yourself, pet". He said in his silky deep voice tinged with a perfectly groomed British accent of the aristocracy. She chuckled softly, then inhaled, taking her time to slowly blow out the smoke that had filled her lungs. Nasty habit, smoking was. But, for her, it didn't matter. She could shoot up heroin if she wanted to and never worry about overdosing.
That was the beauty of being Vampyr.  Glacing up she raised her eyebrow slightly as her full glossy lips turned up at the corner in a grin.

"Oh, I am sure your pretty boy minion there can take care of that mess quite well.. " she said as she cast her eyes on the slim framed, blonde haired and pale blue eyed vampire standing next to Vincent. She saw Vincent's lips just barely twitch as he tried to hold back a smile.
"Shut up, bitch! " The pale vampire stepped out of the shadow and lunged forward. Vincent's smile disappeared from his handsome face and his arm shot out to stop the young man from reaching his target.

Tess didn't flinch. She almost wished he had reached her so she could have taught the little fucker a lesson. He was dangerous: volatile, mean and reckless. She had voiced her displeasure to Vincent when he had first found the recently turned boy in a backalley, starving and looking for a kill. Like usual, Vincent had taken the young man in and had started teaching him how to control his vampire powers, how to hunt without killing, how to blend in with humans so he would not be recognized.  She remembered how Vincent had done the same with her, many a moon ago.

But this young man was different. Tess saw such hatred in his eyes. He specifically hated her, she knew this. He was jealous of her relationship with Vincent. But most of all Tess knew he hated women.

"That is quite enough, Jared". Vincent's stern voice along with his steel hard grip on Jared's upper arm stopped him in his tracks.
"She needs to be taught a lesson..." muttered Jared, his sickly pale eyes focused on Tess. She grimaced reading his thoughts, then laughed.
"You really think that's how you are going to teach me a lesson?" she taunted, her eyes glancing down at his bulging crotch. "I am so far out of your league; I don't think you'd even know what to do with a woman if one had ever given you  a sideways glance."

Jared lunged again, a steel sharp blade in his right hand shooting out and slicing the air, not reaching Tess but close enough. Vincent had none of it. He grabbed Jared by the back of the neck, pulling him around and pinning him to the wall, his hand around the young man's throat. His eyes glowed.
"Enough!" his voice commanded.
"If you so much as hurt a hair on her head," Vincent growled, his voice low.  "I will personally rip you limb from limb and you will wish you had died back in that alley. She is NEVER to be harmed. EVER. Are we clear?" The hand around the young man's throat tightened with every word.
Jared did not answer immediately, as he was gasping for air, his hands clawing at Vincent's arm.
"I said, ARE WE CLEAR?" 
"" gasped Jared as he squirmed against the wall.

Tess saw Vincent's muscled form, his powerful body outlined under his clothing. The passion and power in his voice as he warned Jared made a warm radiance start in her belly that spread down to her legs and made her tremble slightly. She knew every inch of his gorgeous body quite intimately, but the fierceness she heard in his voice made her shiver.

He moved his hand and Jared crumpled to the ground, a gasping heap.

Vincent turned to Tess. "And you, young lady, need to learn to not tease the boys."


choker: :SE: (Souzou Eien) Nature Pentacle choker with texture change HUD

hair: barberyumyum 93, beige

dress: ArisAris, Delirium Dress
on promo on the Marketplace, limited time!
with texture changing HUD and lovely
texture as usual from ArisAris <3

 shape: My own

head: Catwa, Catya Bento head

chest tattoo: .ARISE. War Paint applier
exclusive @ anyBody

eyes: A.S.S, Vision, Bloodrinker eyes
appliers for Catwa mesh eyes

skin: .Atomic. Summer Lovin skin,

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