Friday, July 7, 2017

and the ocean built her a kingdom...

Once upon a time, there was a very special girl..
She wasn't like other girls.  Her father was the Thunder and her mother was the Sunlight.
In her eyes, summer storms and rainbows lived.
No one understood why she loved to stand by the sea, and walk along its shores
alone .. or why she would sit and watch the waves, their rythmic movement
reminding her of sacred mysteries. 

No one knew that she could hear the Sea.

And even she did not know.. that the Sea could hear her. And that he watched her, this child made of the universe. That when she was sad, he wept
That when she was happy, he soared. 
But the night her innocence was taken from her, she did not know that it was the Sea who had ensured that the one who hurt her would never touch her again.
In her sadness, she had left her home, ran as far away as she could from those memories.. . and he lost her...

But the woven thread that connected them did not break.  And, in its own time, it called her home.

She stood at the very edge of the waves, slowly walking into them as they ebbed and flowed.
The Sea smiled... and lifted her, holding her just above the water, not letting her sink.

"Hello my dear friend," she whispered, leaning down to touch the cool salty brew of life beneath her.

"Welcome home.. " The Sea echoed.. the sound of reminiscent of a whisper in the breeze. She recognized that voice. 
The voice that had always called to her.
Woven into her memories like a golden thread, humming in her same frequency.
Always there.

"This is yours now.. all that you see.. it is for you."said the Sea.

She looked out over the endless expanse. A single tear threatened to fall from its precarious perch on her eyelids.
"But why me? " she asked, closing her eyes to not let the flood come.

"Because I love you.. " was the simple answer he gave. 

And that is how the Ocean built the girl that was born of thunder and sunlight a kingdom of her own. And how a solitary little girl had found a home in love.

arm wraps, leg wraps, and gown: VIBES, Vaiwa, 
Maitreya fit with HUD to change colors of the metals

finger gloves: VIBES, Vaiwa Glove, Bento
for Maitreya

Fabiana and Fabienne tattoos
appliers for Belleza, Maitreya and Omega

hair: Lelutka, Clarice

skin appliers: .Atomic., Elf skin
(past Arcade Gacha item, maybe found on the MP)

head: Catwa, Alice Mesh head

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